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TiffanyRoseRN has 5 years experience and specializes in ICU /ED.

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  1. TiffanyRoseRN

    New Grad decision: ICU vs Step down vs CCU

    How has it been? Did you decide the ICU? I am too a new graduate going into the ICU. I was however an LPN for a few years. I am still considered a new nurse and like you I am going to the ICU. I know a lot of people who said not to go because it's too much for new grads so I am curious to see how it's been going for you. It's been like 2 months. Are you loving it? How exciting. I'm going to a MICU at a level one trauma hospital although most trauma will go to the SICU. I'm extremely excited but also nervous. Share your experience please!
  2. TiffanyRoseRN

    Time for change?

    Sometimes it's best to step away so you don't get burnt out. A lot of people I know eventually leave ICU and go to L&D because it's bring in new life after all the years of watching ICU patients it's a drastic change but they love it. With your experience you can go anywhere. Good Luck!!!
  3. TiffanyRoseRN

    New Grad in ICU feeling terrible...,

    I would like the worksheet also if anybody has it.
  4. TiffanyRoseRN

    ICU job dilemma- help!

    I would call the SICU and talk to the manager that interview you and explain to her exactly what you explained to us. Tell her your goals, your school choices, and that you were offered a position in the MICU that you didn't want to turn down unless you are able to come to the SICU. She/He will understand. If they wanted to offer you the position they will be thrilled. Trust me. Communication is always key, plus it looks professional on your character. Make sure you also explain your goals to the MICU manager as well that way when you decline her offer she understands why and will respect you for following your dreams and being honest.
  5. TiffanyRoseRN


    I'm a new grad in Michigan and starting pay is 27.50 hospital base. It's really based on your area and cost of living.
  6. TiffanyRoseRN

    HESI - SC4 for Fall 2015?

    I took it fall of 14, and got into their transitional RN program.
  7. TiffanyRoseRN

    NLN PHARM TEST.... Help!!!!

    I'm getting ready to start my Lpn to RN program and my school allows me to test out of a pharmacology class by passing the NLN pharm test. I don't know anything about this test and I can't seem to find a book to practice please any help? I have like 3 weeks to study. Can anyone give me any insight of what I need to study!!!
  8. TiffanyRoseRN

    St. Clair Community College

    I just got my acceptance letter. I don't much but maybe I can help with at least the admission process. What did u want to know?
  9. TiffanyRoseRN

    Simple nursing.com???

    I can't find anything about it on this forum? I'm an LPN-RN student and was hoping to find some other stories about it. Thank you for your input I'll try you tube for some videos. Thanks.
  10. TiffanyRoseRN

    Simple nursing.com???

    I am just wondering if anyone has used this website? I have read so many different things good things of course but I'm still scared. It's very expensive. His name is Mike and he is like an online teacher for nursing students. He supposedly helps all students increase their grades by breaking down the "important" things on all different types of topics. I mean I you tube some of his videos and they are good but to buy the complete package for $14.95 x 24 months for a grand total of $360 is ALOT! Just wondering if anyone out there has used him for their nursing student needs?
  11. TiffanyRoseRN


    👏👏👏👏👏. It's so exciting!
  12. TiffanyRoseRN

    struggling with 1st semester classes

    I feel your pain. I am in an extremely difficult Patho class now. Everyday I want to pull my hair out. It's so discouraging because I feel like I get the information but the way my teacher test is very difficult and it is not NCLEX style which I am use to. I am literally just passing the class and I study everyday all day. But I am determined to make it out of this class. So I say to you don't give up! I know its hard but you can teach yourself. Idk what book you use but try getting patho made incredible easy or the nclex book and study questions in there also if the book has evolve utilize it. There are many resources out here. Don't give up you have come so far!
  13. TiffanyRoseRN

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    Congrats! 🎉👏👏🎉
  14. TiffanyRoseRN

    Excited and determined

    Congrats to you both! I am also excited I start my LPN-RN program in January at SC4 it's in Michigan. But none the less I'm so excited and anxious. I still have to go to orientation and get drug tests and Titers and injections but I'm soooo excited! Good luck to you all and CONGRATS!
  15. TiffanyRoseRN


    Thank you
  16. TiffanyRoseRN


    You will get it... Keep us posted! Praying for good news for you. It was an awesome feeling when I read the words CONGRATULATIONS!