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    Has anyone taken the latest version, the TEAS V? My test is coming up April 6. I have the ATI version V study guide, and the McGraw Hill book.

    What should I be sure to study when it comes to the latest version of the test?
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    I take mine on the 25th. I purchased the tests for ATI and the McGraw Hill book. I've spend hours up here looking at TEAS' information. I think the science sounds the most wishy washy...there are 6 sections, 30 questions and lots of types of quesyions. I will be taking the V too! Good luck! Check my other posts...I have posted some ideas I found on other websites and from books...
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    i am taking the teas v also...and i am really scared about it to because i really don't know what to study!! i ordered the [color=#3b5998]mcgraw-hill's nursing school entrance exams book and i haven't gotten it yet..but my first testing date is march 31st....yikes!! could you all help me out by telling me where i should start?!!?!?
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    Chemistry. My test was unfairly skewed toward chemistry, which I haven't taken in six years! (I think I got a 53% on the chem questions, compared to a 100% on Biology.) People just out of high school will fare better than older folks, it seems, due to actually remembering these things.
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    I took the TEAS V recently and it's a lot harder than older versions. My school is anticipating a 10 point lower average score... so far that is accurate. I got the ATI book and went through it for weeks. Math is a little algebra, a lot of long division, addition, subtraction, multiplication of large numbers... tedious. The science has NO GEOLOGY like the old version, some genetics (punnitt squares), a lot of chemistry such as periodic table type questions. Simple balancing of equations, a lot of stuff where they give you the table and ask you what this number or symbol means and a lot about types of bonds (ionic, covalent,etc). The math was a little pressured b/c you only have 30 minutes to do it and it's a lot of tedious long calculations. Know your order of operations in algebra... there are a lot of those. Also, know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide mixed numbers 3 1/2 *6 4/5 and stuff.
    If I can help, let me know. I got an 80% and wasn't thilled until my department told me that was one of only 6 scores out of 50 that was above 80. So... don't freak if you score low...
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    I just found out I am taking the version v and I have been studying for 3.0. That was the book they gave me, how was the reading and language section? I have one more week and now I am freaking out. Any tips will help please.
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    reading wasn't bad... just read and take your time. the language was a lot of spelling words correctly and meanings of words as used in a sentence. You will be fine... don't freak. Just get the ATI guide and go through the sections and brush up...
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    Based on what I was reading, I studied a lot of earth science, and there really wasn't any on mine- that is when I figured out there is a big difference between V4 and V5. There was a LOT of chemistry (I needed to know the rules about how electrons sort themselves out in shells of an atom and how many valance electrons etc so I could figure out what would bond....) There was a little physics, a bit on mitosis/meiosis, linean classification, cell structures and differences between bacteria/plants/animal (ie eukaryotes, prokaryotes.)

    I know you didn't ask about math, but make sure you know ratios, decimals, fractions (how to multiply and divide) and FOIL (first, outer, inner, last.)

    Good luck!!
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    OMG I have 13 days to MEMORIZE all of this!!! AHHHHHH!!! I am ok with math except fractions and some of the conversions and square roots are a little rusty......english isn't sticking nouns, pronouns, phrases ect.....the reading part is easy....but the SCIENCE!!!!! I am freakin out people!!
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    I found a really nice tutorial on balancing chemical equations, as well as some worksheets for practice.
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