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So I just took TEAS V, and let me just say it is HARD! Well at least some of it is. I took the science portion and wanted to die. Right there on the computer. The reading was tougher than I... Read More

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    @CluelessNursingGuy, That's the point I am at right now. Whatever my score is, I'll take it. A test of essential learning skills shouldn't be so hard, you would think we were taking the NCLEX!

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    Took it yesterday. Got a 94% overall...92.9 in Reading, 100 in Math, 89.6 in Science, and 96.7 in English. Super proud of myself! Used the ATI testing manual and online tests. Studied for about 4-5 weeks. Good luck everyone! :-D
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    I took it last July and got 98% overall. 100% in Math, 100% in English and Language Usage, 98% in Science and 97% in Reading. It's all about practice. Take all the sample exams you can, and try to give yourself at least a few months to study. I only had 2 weeks to study because I waited so long to sign up for an exam date and all the choice dates were sold out. Don't let that happen to you! Set up a schedule to study and try to get 2-4 hours in per day, and you should do fine. Go in confident and get a good night's sleep the night before the exam. So important! Good luck to everyone, you can do well on this exam.

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