Do all programs require TEAS?

  1. 0 I've been coming across a lot of messages on this board about the TEAS exam but there is nothing on my program's website about it. Is is required for all nursing programs, sort of like how everyone needs to take the NCLEX?
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    My Community College ADN program doesn't require it.
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    No, some schools used to have the NET, some require HESI (think thats what its called), some TEAS, and some don't require anything. It just depends on the school, if your school doesn't mention it then it's probably not required and if you want to be sure I would just e-mail my advisor. Hope that helps, good luck!
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    Find out from the school of your choice. Like what the other posters said, each institution has different requirements. I took the TEAS test for a private college, and took the NAT for a local community college.
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    Great, thanks for the information! I'll contact my nursing advisor tomorrow to double check
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    No. My school doesn't. We have to take the ATI before we start, and when we're getting ready to graduate...but only so they can track how our critical thinking has improved. We don't need specific scores or anything...we just need to take it.
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    My ABSN program at a private university doesn't require TEAS or any other testing to get in... just GPA, 2 letters of rec, and a statement of intent.
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    My community college doesn't. Admission is based solely on GPA.
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    what school is it?
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    whats the name of your school
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    My CC requires it. The school I transferred to requires the HESI. But it all depends on the program you are applying to, as some just look at GPA and letters of rec. Most of the schools in my area require the TEAS though.
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    My university does not require the TEAS, NET or HESI for undergraduate students. Most of our BSN students come directly from high school, so the only testing we use are the SAT or ACT.
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    My school (a 4-year public university) did not require any sort of testing and checking out this section of the forum was the first I've heard of such tests to get into a nursing program. I wonder if this is a growing trend in nursing education.

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