Difficulty of Science Portion

  1. Hey all! I was just wondering to those of you who have taken the TEAS V recently, how hard was the science portion? If you bought the practice tests, did you feel like what was on there showed a fair description of the materials that would be on the test? I'm taking it in June and would have completely A&P II and Chem by then and I also took Microbio in the fall semester, so everything would be pretty fresh in my mind. I also bought the books as a study guide but I'm still nervous. I've heard mixed reviews of the science portion being easy to being super hard. Any information will help. I understand you guys can't share exactly what was on the test, I'm just wondering about the difficulty of it is all Thanks!
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  3. by   Cheripk
    I personally thought the science was not super hard but not easy, with those fresh in your mind you will do fine and the study guide helps so much, it gives you a great idea about what to expect. A lot of the pratice stuff I had on the test in a different form, just go over molecular and cell biology pretty good too as an overview. Don't stress about it at all I think the actual test is easier than the practice. PM me if you want more details, hope I helped!
  4. by   umbdude
    Overall, it wasn't that hard. There usually are a few questions that are unusually in depth or totally weird, but the other ones are pretty basic. I believe that if you did well in Bio 1, Chem 1, and A&P, you'll have no problem with it. I don't remember seeing questions related to Micro.

    Stick with the ATI Manual for the science review. The 2 practice tests at the end of the ATI manual and the 2 online practice tests are good indicator of how well you'll score overall. Do use the McGraw-Hill 5 practice test book if you want more mock exams.
  5. by   lyn92
    Thanks! This really helped! I'm just really worried about the physical science portion, more specifically the physics portion, I know there aren't many physics related questions on the test but still, that's my weakness and need to focus more on that
  6. by   seahawksfanguy
    I thought science would be my better subject....wrong. It was insanely hard. The problem is that the comprehension, language, and math bit are all relatively black or white. Its wrong or right, black or white. English follows rules and formats while math is all about equations and concepts. Science........is just too big and broad of a subject. I taught middle school science for a year and went to grad school to be a science teacher. I thought i was set. Haha. Scored like 50% on science. Do brush up on science. Biology, chemistry(omg there was alot of chemistry on mine, i forgot how to balance equations), earth science, scientific method, etc. get as much covered as you can. However the best remedy if ur unsure about ur science knowledge is to ace the other 3 areas. Math is super easy. Learn the concepts and formulaes, double check ur answers, ur golden. I got 100% on math. Reading and language usage are also relatively easy. Study ur reading comprehension vocab and learn some grammar. your best defense is a good offense. So study hard and make sure you are fully confident in the areas that dont give you too much trouble. Good luck! Ps usually your guts r right so stick with your first choice.
  7. by   Friskee
    look up --------------------- where she wrote how I aced the teas V. I did what she did and got a 82 on that portion!
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  8. by   dorkiexcici
    you will pass! just remember those newton's laws. =)
    i feel the same way as you. science is my weakness.
  9. by   HeatherMax
    I thought it was too hard, but I have only taken 1/2 of a college level biology class. If you have already taken a bunch of college science classes, you will be fine. Shoot I even passed!
  10. by   ShakeItOff0515
    I didn't have any issues in the science section but all my science courses with the exception of chemistry were recent. I think having the concepts fresh on the mind makes the difference. For anything you aren't familiar with review with a Khan academy video.
  11. by   llamafuzz
    I didn't think that the science section was too hard... I took it in mid-March and hadn't had science classes in a couple months. I remember that the ATI study guide went over a lot of chemistry (which worried me) - but I didn't see much chem on my exam. But still study! You never know. The study guide and practice exams helped me a ton. I went over the science section multiple times. Btw, I have a degree in English and scored better on the science than the reading - if that helps!
  12. by   mabear3
    I thought the science section by far was the hardest part. The version I had was nothing like the practice tests in ATI manual and nothing like the tests in the McGraw Hill book. The online practice assessments that I purchased from the ATI website were helpful. It was very similar to the version I took. There was a LOT of chemistry on mine. Very little anatomy and physiology. Still managed to do well on that section which I attribute to taking the online assessments. Reading, math and English were pretty easy - just work on chapters in the ATI manual for those. Very straightforward!
  13. by   dorkiexcici
    for chemistry, could you give some examples?
    did you get any balancing equations or solving reactions?
  14. by   Princess Mama
    Mine was a bunch of chemistry and earth science.