Crash course in TEAS information - ALL help welcome PLEASE

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    I have chosen my school - Keiser University. I have approx 2-3 weeks AT MOST to study and pass the TEAS with the following scores:

    Reading: 76
    Math: 75
    Science: 56
    English: 70

    Anything less and I will have zero chance of acceptance. Keiser bases their admissions almost SOLELY on these scores, so in order to have a hope and a prayer I NEED to pass the very first try. I'm paying my fee for the test on Thursday and scheduling it out from there, possibly mid August. I own the Teas V Study Manual made by ATI. I have already started using it. Double and triple checking answers, making notations, highlighting, and was provided a corrections sheet by my school to correct certain mistakes in the manual.

    Math and science are my weakest areas... I wonder if I have enough TIME? My mom will be watching my kids full time for me in the coming weeks so I can study ten, twelve hours a day. I want this more than anything in the entire world. ANY words of advice are greatly welcome!~!!!!!!
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    those scores should be easy to get. Getting good at Math takes lots of long term practice. Science is a lot of deductions and memorizations really. I have not looked at the study manual, but i took the teas once just to see what it was like, and it was easier that I expected. The math is more similar to a TABE math or GED math and its far easier than college level math, so if you passed Algebra, you should do fine. no calculator is allowed, its has lots of multiplications, inproper factions and division.
    For me personally, a study manual would only cram too much in my head and get me nervous. Since you taking it so soon, I would focus on taking practice tests to find your weaknesses and then study only those particular sections of the study guide. As I and many other have found the McGraw Hill 5 teas practice tests are really good, comes with explaination to answers and drills you on how to do the actual test. A download is only 9-10 bucks, not nearly as much as the ATI tests. If you like you can also take a "mock" Ati test A or b online but they are like $32 each if you can afford it and act like its the real test, at the end it will show you what pages of the study guide you need to focus on.But doing the actual practice test might ease you tension and help you focus. My current overall score is 84% , I took it without studing, as soon as I finished my AA just to see where I stand. I plan to retake it to try to get closer to 90% as I am applying to a competitive program. I am only using the McGraw 5 TEAS practice tests to study....there only so much you can do in a couple of weeks.
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    My major problem is I haven't taken a single pre-requisite class. No bio, no math, no A&P, nothing. Keiser requires TEAS scores before admittance PERIOD, meaning I take my pre-reqs AFTER I've been accepted. Hence why I am so scared. I'm almost 28 and dropped out of high school at sixteen and I know next to nothing about math. I'm very good with English and reading/writing/spelling so I'm not too scared of those sections. I just pray I can educate myself like a fiend.
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    Quote from RainbowDash
    My major problem is I haven't taken a single pre-requisite class. No bio, no math, no A&P, nothing. Keiser requires TEAS scores before admittance PERIOD, meaning I take my pre-reqs AFTER I've been accepted. Hence why I am so scared. I'm almost 28 and dropped out of high school at sixteen and I know next to nothing about math. I'm very good with English and reading/writing/spelling so I'm not too scared of those sections. I just pray I can educate myself like a fiend.
    I have not heard of anyone taking the teas before doing prereqs unless you did chemistry, biology and algebra in high school or had some sort of dual enrollment at a community college. I think you better recheck your sources at Keiser.
    Most, I dare say all, RN programs allow you to apply as a pending status so you start doing the prerequsites and general education courses first. After that is done, you take the teas test. The test scores together with your prequisites and GPA are then submitted with your actual RN application. I think an advisor gave you incorrect information.
    Why not try a State / community college instead of the private institution? If that is indeed how keiser works, I would slow down. If you got no college credits, then they should have done what my State college did: My degree was "ADN pending", but I was also automatically added as AA- pre-nursing, as time went on I opted not to apply to the ADN, I just completed my AA with all the prereqs needed for a BSN then took the teas.
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    Try to relax, and just study as much as you can. I think you will do fine. I bought a Kaplan Nursing Pre-Entrance test exam review book, and I thought it gave a good review. I have heard that the Teas study manual that you can buy from their website is very good and similar to the actual test. I am not a math person and was most worried about the math, and I found the math to be easier than most math tests and I actually did pretty good on it. Just review the rules for fractions (adding, multiplying, and dividing them), improper fractions, proportions, decimals and percents, those are the things you tend to forget since high school ==the basics. I didn't reallly study the reading and english too much since I felt those were my strongest points. The science to me was by far the hardest and the one I should have studied more. I did well enough to pass, but I definitely could have done better with more review. There is a lot of Chemistry and Biology and other sciences that are probably on a high school level but it has been awhile since I had a and p and biology. I only studied a few days, so you will do fine you have plenty of time! Try not to worry too much!
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    2-3 weeks is enough time IF you spend 4-5 hours per day with the ATI TEAS BOOK! I received an 87.3 overall & i only used the ATI book, BUT i have done all my pre reqs. (i too am a mom (of 3 & 44 years old).

    You can do it, just study the book & leave time for taking ALL the online/book practice test the week b4 then going back to review what u need to.

    You must b disciplined! I didnt do so hot on the online practice tests & ended up in 99% in science & math...97 percentile overall nation wide.

    Best of luck to you!
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    I'm going to Keiser as well. I took the whole test last weekend and got well above what was needed in all areas aside from the math....I got caught up in my head and ran out of time, missing the necessary score by 2 points! ahhh!!

    My advice, while the information is fresh in my head, is to go over the ATI study guide forward and back. There are also some great resources here on allnurses (see the sticky below on the main page for the TEAS.)

    I'm really surprised that you haven't taken your pre-reqs yet...sort of setting you up for failure in a way seeing how many of us have already completed everything and we will be just rolling into the core of the program. (I have a bachelors from FSU in Exercise Physiology but have been out of school for a while. I'm also 28 with two kids under 2 yrs old so we have much in common!)

    As far as the science goes, know your basic basic stuff and you should do well. Look over sites like - they have a bio and a physics site as well. They give a good basic explanation of things.

    The best thing about taking the TEAS at Keiser is that they will give you the chance to take it again and they will show you where you are in need of improvement within the section (like if you did bad on the algebra or the chemistry etc..)

    Good luck!!
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    I have the TEAS V Study Guide by ATI, the NLN PAX-RN book which is also useful information, and the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS Practice Tests. I have NINE DAYS LEFT. My test date is Aug 11 at 930 am. Pray for me. I'm so excited and yet I'm so damn scared.

    P.S. The reason why Keiser insists on TEAS *before* you do your pre-reqs is if you are enrolling in the RN program as a "freshman" - meaning you have never done any prerequisite courses elsewhere. I have two prereqs completed - Psych and Intro to Computers (dumb). I have an A in both, so that's two off my list. I will still need to sit the TEAS, pass it, give my 3 letters of recommendation, my resume, and have a meeting with the board. Once I get the all clear I am required to dress in my RN uniform at all times even while taking prerequisite courses. Start date is end of August and the first year is your pre-reqs, then you enter core.

    Time to go study......
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    It doesn't look like you need to score that high in science compared to the other areas. So get the ATI study guide and learn every page of the book. If the science is new to you, I recommend looking at the "For Dummies" series. They have chem, bio, and a&p for dummies. Maybe they're at your local library so check them out and try to learn what you can on your own. I would focus on general concepts. The ATI study guide is a pretty good indicator of the exam so use that primarily and fill in your gaps with the other books I've mentioned.
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    I am too taking my TEAS at Keiser on 8/15. Freaking out about the math since I am HORRIBLE at it. I have been studying since mid June but in the last 3 weeks haven't done much. I also have maybe 1 or 2 classes that already did a long time ago but other than that I have no pre-reqs either. Keiser's admissions work totally different. When you do your pre-reqs you have already been accepted into the Nursing Program.

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