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I have chosen my school - Keiser University. I have approx 2-3 weeks AT MOST to study and pass the TEAS with the following scores: Reading: 76 Math: 75 Science: 56 English: 70 Anything less... Read More

  1. by   kgregg
    @pthelper777 44 w a 3 yo eh? i m 42 with a 2 yo! soooo it can be done at our age w toddlers!!! I have decided to take pre reqs at a community college..... I think?
  2. by   pthelper777
    Kgregg, definitely take the pre-reqs. Its totally worth it! Then refresh with the ATI Teas V book. Kudos to u! I actually have 3 kids, youngest is 5 & starting kindergarden....toddlers are tough! Best wishes to u!
  3. by   SBChewning
    Quote from RainbowDash
    I have the TEAS V Study Guide by ATI, the NLN PAX-RN book which is also useful information, and the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS Practice Tests. I have NINE DAYS LEFT. My test date is Aug 11 at 930 am. Pray for me. I'm so excited and yet I'm so damn scared.

    P.S. The reason why Keiser insists on TEAS *before* you do your pre-reqs is if you are enrolling in the RN program as a "freshman" - meaning you have never done any prerequisite courses elsewhere. I have two prereqs completed - Psych and Intro to Computers (dumb). I have an A in both, so that's two off my list. I will still need to sit the TEAS, pass it, give my 3 letters of recommendation, my resume, and have a meeting with the board. Once I get the all clear I am required to dress in my RN uniform at all times even while taking prerequisite courses. Start date is end of August and the first year is your pre-reqs, then you enter core.

    Time to go study......

    Hey! How did you do? I am studying for my TEAS on October 20th. I am so nervous about Keiser's acceptance regimen. Only 24 students is awesome but unnerving! I am usually great at English/Reading etc and terrible at the Math portion of these tests...a little less than two weeks to go! Which campus did you apply to?
  4. by   murse3000
    Hi,i noticed in an older trend that u attend keiser/ how would you rate your experience and how long did it take for your to complete the nursing cores... thanks in advance