How I Studied for the TEAS

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    This is a breakdown I did of all the important topics I see in the book. I WILL NOT POST TEST QUESTIONS. I hope this helps someone.

    How I Studied for the TEAS

    I also posted my study "techniques" and websites that might be helpful if you do not have the ATI book or any book for that matter. I guess any book will do as long as you study what is below. I still suggest getting it if you can. Whatever works.


    General heart anatomy: follow blood flow through the heart in order, and know if the blood is oxygenated or not, know the valves

    General vascular anatomy(veins, arteries, etc)

    Respiratory System: general functions and structure

    Nervous System: Know the subcategories, their functions, and know the anatomy of a neuron and the synapse WELL

    Digestive System: Just follow a bolus down to the anus and know generally what is happening to it. Like where the digestion of fat occurs first and where the absorption of water occurs, etc.

    Immune System: Cell-mediated immunity, Humoral immunity; interferons; know the response to inflammation

    General Biology: taxonomy(King Phillp Came Over For Granny's Soup); purines and pyrimidines; DNA functions; RNA functions; Transcription & translation; Cellular Organelles: mitochondria, ribosomes, rough/smooth ER, etc etc and their functions; Know plant cells too!!!!! ; prokaryotes vs eukaryotes; mitosis and meiosis stages: know their outcomes; mutations; punnet squares & alleles; difference between protozoa, bacteria, viruses, algae, and helminths AND their basic components(like what do they eat? how to they reproduce?)

    Chemistry: Again, know your heterotrophs and autotrophs... who uses cellular respiration and whatnot; mass numbers and atomic weights; know what isotopes are, how to find the number of protons in them; know what catalysts are... what decomposition and synthesis reactions are; chemical bonds; know which elements are your metals PLEASE!; acids and bases... know which accept protons and know the logarithmic scale; balancing chemical equations;

    English & Language Usage

    Parts of Speech: Subject, verbs, article, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. They'll make you read sentences and know which word is what.

    First person, second person, third person verbs, pronouns, in singular and plural forms.

    Active and Passive voice

    Context Clues: Synonyms and Antonyms; Compare and contrast

    Know common prefixes like un-, re-, in-, and dis-.
    Know common suffixes like -ia, -ic, -ism, -ology, etc.
    Know common root words like geo, cardio, ped, ortho, bio, psych, etc.
    Know commonly misspelled words and common homophones.


    Add, subtract, multiply, divide decimals and fractions (lots of paycheck, rent, and menu questions)

    Add, subtract, multiply, divide mixed numbers

    Convert decimals, percents, and fractions

    The probability of something occurring

    Dependent & independent variables... can you find which is which in a word problem?

    Read charts, graphs, tables etc.

    Know to find the LCD

    Order of operations & FOIL

    Solving for x

    Roman numerals to Arabic numerals... M=1000 D=500 C=100 L=50 X=10 V=5 and I=1.
    So they can ask you what's 2011 in Roman numerals and you'd choose MMXI.

    Know PERIMETER because there appear to be lots of "fencing" word problems.


    Know more or less how to read nutrition labels & recipes

    Be able to read directions clearly

    Be able to identify the summary of a short story.
    • Can you find the main idea of an essay, letter, or story?
    • Can you find the supporting details?
    • Can you tell if the writer is trying to explain, entertain, or persuade?(Author's purpose)
    • Can you identify the different supporting details in each paragraph?

    Read movie times, schedules, and invitation letters.

    Be able to read line graphs, temperature, simple maps, and blood pressure screens
    Helpful Video on TEAS Test (added by staff)

    How I Study

    I take test #1 for each separate section to know where to focus my study.

    I use the ATI book and underline the important keywords, directions, or numbers. I look over EACH answer even if I think I know the answer. NEVER think you know because there might be another answer better than the one you chose!

    If I think I need more practice, I use websites online. I will go over the ATI notes again, do all the practice questions, and will take the second test for the section (let's say, math). If I don't get AT LEAST 15 points higher, I'll do it all over again, going over similar questions online.




    English, Reading, etc.
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  3. by   lifelearningrn
    This is awesome. Thank you.
  4. by   nomsa
    Thank you so much.Did you take your exam already. This will really help.
  5. by   on eagles wings
    No problem guys. I take the TEAS on Feb 23. I think I will do fine as long as I don't procrastinate... lol
  6. by   on eagles wings
    You should also study and make sure you know how to spell "commonly misspelled words"

    Here are some links/examples... -- Commonly confused homophones... excellent list
  7. by   staceym
    WOW, this is awesome. I have to take my TEAS by the end of the year so I will start brushing up on my info with the help of your post. Thank you so much!
  8. by   on eagles wings
    Hi thought I'd share how I did. I got an 86%, which is much better than what I thought I would get. On the test I saw quite a few questions on converting measurements, so please know your dimensional analysis! They DO give you the conversion factor, though.
    Also, make sure for the science you know what electro-negativity and what redox reactions are. I did really well on the science, but I smoked the math, lol. I hate fractions and there are lots of them. Make sure you can divide decimals and such. Good luck!
  9. by   Carmen27
    on ealges wings..

    did you think the study guide V & the online practice tests were enough to study with? I mean, is that all you think we need to do well on the exam? i take mine in 2 weeks.
  10. by   Carmen27
    and the English & Reading..was that like the study guide? I'm not to worried about the Math & Science..math is my favorite subject and science, well, it's either I know it or I don't. So, I"m focusing on English & Reading.
  11. by   tnbutterfly
    This is such a helpful post I decided to make it a sticky so those who come along later can find it easily.
  12. by   on eagles wings
    Yes I think it is enough. I took the practice exam 2 days prior and got a lousy score! I have to confess it was harder than the real exam. But the book basically explains how to work every problem and gives a good amount of examples for each.

    The reading was rather easy, but then again I am a bookworm and always have been. If you aren't used to reading a lot of literature or essays, then it might be a challenge and therefore, you should concentrate at least a week on that alone.

    It is kind of like Sparknotes questions. There are like 3 or 4 questions per essay/short story. It might ask you for the main idea, supporting details, thesis, etc. It might include questions like "Who was the main character", "What was implied when the person said thus and thus", etc. Basically, you can look online for reading comprehension worksheets. There are many that are very similar.

    For grammar, know how to:
    -spell words easily confused like judgment, receipt, embarrassed, etc;
    -difference between its and it's;
    -where to put semicolons, colons, hyphens;
    -be able to identify mistakes in a sentence
    -know difference between common and proper nouns

    Basically grade-school stuff. The practice tests at the end of the book and the one on the ATI site give you a good idea of what will be on the exam. Good luck.
  13. by   on eagles wings
    Thank you, I hope you all benefit from it. :-)
  14. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    btw...does the ATI book really help as far as review?