ati practice teas v compared to actual test

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    If you taken the online how much higher or lower did you score?
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    I did much better on the actual test than the practice test. That's true for every ATI test I have taken so far.
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    If you don't mind me asking how much better? Like ten percent or five
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    Does anyone know how the McGraw Hill Study Guide compares to the actual test? I take the practice tests in the study guide and I get between 79% and 89%. I am very worried that the study guide is not even close to the actual test. I feel so unprepared for the Science section because I haven't taken Chemistry since high school. No matter how hard I study Chemistry and Physics I cant remember most of it.
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    I used the ATI practice manual exclusively. I didn't know about the McGraw book until a few days before the test. I took the test May 8, 2012 and passed with an 82%. I was very surprised to discover that was good enough for 91st percentile nationally. Anyway, I read through the manual, did both practice tests in the book once, and purchased the two online practice tests and went through them both twice. I practiced all the problems I missed, looking up practice problems online. That's what worked for me. The actual tests had maybe 2-3 questions that appeared on the online practice tests. I highly recommend trying them out.
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    I also scored higher on the actual TEAS V than on the practice tests (6 percentage points). I'm not sure what this is a reflection of (random chance, good guesses on questions I wasn't sure of, actual difference in difficulty between the two, etc.), although I am a good test taker (a gift that can make an enormous difference in academia).

    I studied exclusively from the ATI study guide, and put only about 15 total hours into studying/preparation. I scored in the 88th ant 89th percentiles (nationally for the ADN program, respectively).

    Good luck!
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    I haven't taken the Teas V yet but the practice tests online are much harder than the ones in the back of the ATI book at least for me.
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    is it free to take the practice test on the ati website? just curious..i bought the study guide and its supposed to come in today.
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    Definitely not free. I forget how much but it was pricey.
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    It cost 35 dollars to take the practice tests on ati