What got you into school?

  1. I was wondering if those who were accepted to Nurse Anesthetist schools this year and the past 2 years could post your stats for which schools you applied to and got an interview, what your undergrad GPA was, GRE scores, years of clinical experience and any certifications that you hold! Thanks!
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  3. by   FockerRN
    BSMechanicalEngineering 1999 GPA 3.4
    BSN prereq's 4.0
    BSN 2008 GPA 4.0 (3.6 cumulative with BSME)
    4 MS Engineering classes (GPA 3.75) and am taking 1 MSN class (expect A)

    GRE 1430 (Q780,V650,W5.5)

    ~10 months experience at interview, ~19 months at start of program

    Received interviews at 2 schools, offers to 2 schools.

    What got me in? I think it was a combination of GRE score, previous degree (heavy emphasis on critical thinking), letters of recommendation and interview.
  4. by   JSB
    ASN 2004, GPA 3.3
    BSN 2008, GPA 4.0
    GRE 1420
    CCRN - did well enough to send in my actual scores, not just a copy of the card
    5 years MICU, SICU, NSICU experience
    shadowed 80 hours
    good references
  5. by   ICU.traveler
    GPA 2.84
    GRE 910/3.5
    8 years ICU/ER (mostly ICU) traveler for the last 6 years.
    It's not all about the grades.
    Don't ever get discouraged and not apply because of the poor gpa/gre
    I know at least 2 people who got in with GREs < 900.
    My current gpa is 3.8. Doing well in clinicals too. You just have to prove to the admission com. that you won't be a waiste of a spot and that you will not fail.
    good luck
  6. by   premaseeker
    BS GPA 3.4ish
    Master of Public Health 3.67
    Masters of Nursing 3.96 (MN not MSN)
    GRE 1250 (640 verbal, 610 quant)
    18 months of neuro/medical/surg ICU experience at interview
    great letters of ref from intensivist, Associate dean, and nurse manager
    CCRN, PALS, ACLS, charge nurse experience
    was nursing school clinical instructor for 1 semester at a Big 10 University
    shadowed ~ 32 total hrs
    was on 2 emergency response teams (I think programs look for extra-curricular stuff like volunteering to decide between similarly qualified candidates.)

    applied to 2 schools, accepted at both
  7. by   NIUredblack
    BS Nursing 3.5
    GRE 1100
    2 years MICU experience
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  8. by   Richard_Head
    3 Previous degrees
    adult and pediatric CCRN
    GPA 3.8
    GRE 1390
    3 years RN experience: Flight Nurse, STICU at level trauma center,
    PICU/peds TCV
    accepted on the spot at first interview
  9. by   N2NRSING
    Love this thread, thanks so much everyone! Its nice to see hard working people accepted and not just geniuses kwim? Thanks!
  10. by   TJFRN
    ICU traveler... where are you going to school?
  11. by   Missy121
    ADN 2007- GPA 3.4
    BSN 2009 GPA 3.69 (A's in Chem, Orgo, Physics)
    Worked full time ICU while getting my BSN

    GRE: 1000 ( eww I didn't want to post that)

    1.5 Yrs ICU at time of interview

    Volunteer Medical Missions trip to Haiti after the earthquake
    Wrote and presented an undergraduate senior thesis at a regional research evening and won best student presenter
    Very nice letters of recommendation
    Maybe because I accomplished all this while I was young they saw potential? I am not sure, my grades are ok, not a 4.0 or anything

    KPSAN- Accepted
    Samuel Merritt- #2 on waitlist, was accepted after a few weeks
    Albany Medical School- Accepted
    UNE- declined interview invite after the 1st acceptance
  12. by   CRNA 2012
    Dont worry about the first few posts, you dont need those kind of stats to get in. I think those are people trying to pat themselves on the back. Depending on the school, you need a GPA over 3.3 or so, a GRE preferrably over 1000 with a good quantitative score (1000 is usually the mark to aim for but if you are a little below this with a decent quant. score like 600 or above, you are good). The interview is really the key component, try to demonstrate your clinical knowledge with the questions they ask you. Good Luck
  13. by   FockerRN

    You are right they don't need to worry about the first few posts but the OP asked what got us into school. I wrote what got me into school.

    I'm glad that you are an expert on me and my psyche. Give me your email so I can ask you some questions about why I say the things I say on any given day. You can also help me to be humble like you so I don't sound so arrogant in the future.

    Many different things get many different people into school. Some get in due to their great experience with marginal grades and GRE. Some get in because of grades and GRE with minimal experience. Some ace the interview and really impress the adcom. There are many ways to skin a cat, you just gotta figure the best way for you to skin that cat and not necessarily the way someone else would.
  14. by   CRNA 2012
    Focker, I didnt claim to know you at all. I just thought it was funny that the first few people that replied claimed they had GPAs of 4.0 and GREs of like 1300-1400. Good for you if you did.