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    anybody move to TX and regret it?

    I am originally from CA and I am VERY conservative, that being said there are A LOT of things wrong with TX. Starting with the workforce laws that do NOT protect employees. In Texas employers are NOT required to have workmens comp which should be a basic requirement, the wages that are paid to waitreses is just embarrassing, I feel so bad for these people. Also the weather here is AWFUL and I could go on and on. On the other hand there are good things in TX as well, the cost of living makes it tolerable to live here. I love the schools my children attend and the large spaces LOL! I also feel blessed to not be in a state that is now teaching Gay rights to my children as I think this should be my choice as their parent, because of this I would NEVER move back to CA. I dont think anyone is knocking TX because they come from liberal CA, I do not have a liberal mentality but I am also not ok with many things that happen in TX. I have encountered a lot more racism here as well. That is my personal observation and experience though.

    I feel like a jerk!

    Dont feel bad, if they had to fire you because they were not making any money they would not feel bad for it. You have to look after your family FIRST. That's your first job right? :)

    Uninsured patients

    "So, in America, money talks and is now more important than life, an equation I find vulgar. But since insurance companies have millions of dollars to influence government policy, the wealthy are protected, and poor are shafted" EXACTLY! This is shameful!
  4. Cobee I have a question for you. PM'd you

    Changing career path/major..advice please?

    How about a school nurse? If later on you decide you want to teach its fairly easy to get certified for teaching with bsn I think. At least in Texas it is! Maybe you can have the best of both worlds? Good luck.

    Physical restraint on uncooperative children

    I have two kids who hate needles however I have worked really hard at explaining the process at home before we go to the doctor so they have a good idea of what's coming, I also firmly tell them there will be no negotiating as far as the shots and they will get them even if they fight it and it will be easier and less painful if they cooperate, I feel if parents really educated the kids it would be a bit easier or at least significantly reduce these type of cases? I wish more parents agreed.

    Pay for 2.5 yr RN in Dallas

    Why so many different opinions? Some say you can find a job in Dallas easy and some say its Really hard? Which one is it? :)

    Search for grad nursing salary info...

    I dont know where you live but I have also researched this and it really depends on where you will practice. I know in north texas New Grads get anywhere from 22-25 an hr in hospitals. In California new grads make anywhere from 35-40 an hour. This doesnt inlcude differentials. So it really depends where you are, if you search the threads here you can get info as there are a lot of older posts with salary info. Here is a few threads with some info you might find useful https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/realistic-ill-make-502518.html https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/question-new-grads-500856.html

    arrrgh! OB is killing me.....

    That makes sense both my kids were born around 11pm! After about 35 hrs of labor of course! LOL hang in there!
  10. N2NRSING

    Important Question about Nursing!

    I dont have a Bachelors in anything and as soon as I finish my pre reqs I will be applying for the accelerated BSN program, so depending on the school you do not have to have a degree in anything to apply to the bsn as long as you meet the pre req's which in most cases are just as many credit hours as an Associates Degree or more, in my case I need about 75 credit hours to apply to the 15 month accelerated BSN, this includes a few pre nursing courses. I have also inquired to see if it would make ANY difference if I did this program vs the traditional 4 year and have gotten the same resonse over and over: NO. good luck
  11. N2NRSING

    Must see commercial for nurses

    WHY? That is all I have to say.
  12. N2NRSING

    Do you ever feel alone?

    I just wanted to wish you the best, hopefully a less stressful job will come along. Money isn't everything. You are absolutely right to want a job that allows you to live outside of work. good luck to you.
  13. N2NRSING

    So tired of crappy treatment by seasoned nurses!

    I guess what you call "plainly speaking" I call rude and obnoxious. To each it's own. However, I dont think I am alone on this one. I just see a bunch of grown professionals excusing their rude manners. And I do have my big girl pants on, hope you do too, I guess thats how it goes. But it should not be this way.
  14. LOVE this thread! Good for ALL of you!
  15. N2NRSING

    What got you into school?

    Love this thread, thanks so much everyone! Its nice to see hard working people accepted and not just geniuses kwim? Thanks!
  16. N2NRSING

    So tired of crappy treatment by seasoned nurses!

    Thank YOU so much for that post. It is SO refreshing to see a seasoned nurse with SO many years of experience with such a positive attitude. I think most of us understand you have a job to do and we cannot expect you to not do your job to teach new nurses all day long but a good attitude shows! That makes all the difference in a person. Again, thank you and I hope when I am there I am lucky enough to have people like you around.

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