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  1. Care plans are stupid.

    They are not necessarily stupid but rather informational. You will NEVER do another one the rest of your life in the real world. They just try to get you to think about what is going on with the patient and put things together. Good luck the rest ...
  2. Moving Too Slowly in Emergent Situations

    I agree, these patients are on the way out no matter what you do. Getting the extra FFPs or Blood in are the least of your problems with these patients. Your seasoned co-workers were telling you not to worry about it and were right on the money wi...
  3. Need Advice. CRNA for me?? Low GPA

    I think you do have to redo some of those science courses to be a little more competitive. I would also just explain your previous situation to the board when you interview and they ask about your grades and "W"s. They are human too and would under...
  4. CRNA harder than RN school?

    I agree with the above posts. We always joke around in class that we didnt learn anything in nursing school. The topics are advanced and you really have to correlate them to your practice. We too have classes with med students but you realize afte...
  5. Rosalind or DePaul Northshore?????

    I am a student at Rosalind right now and would suggest going here. You will get done faster and the clinical sites, in my opinion, dont get much better because of the variety and quality of clinical sites. It sounds like you are worried about the d...
  6. What got you into school?

    Hey Focker, thanks for the apology but it didnt bother me that much, I take more guff on a daily basis. Good luck with the rest of your schooling.
  7. What got you into school?

    Focker, I didnt claim to know you at all. I just thought it was funny that the first few people that replied claimed they had GPAs of 4.0 and GREs of like 1300-1400. Good for you if you did.
  8. What got you into school?

    Dont worry about the first few posts, you dont need those kind of stats to get in. I think those are people trying to pat themselves on the back. Depending on the school, you need a GPA over 3.3 or so, a GRE preferrably over 1000 with a good quanti...
  9. GRE Help

    I would really concentrate on your quantitative section. Rarely does a program look at your verbal and determine you cant make it based on that. If you have a strong quantitative but are still under 1000, dont worry about it and apply to your schoo...
  10. I got in!!! Rosalind Franklin 2013

    Congratulations, I am currently in the class of 2012 at Rosalind and could not be happier. Great program with great instuctors. You made a good choice. Good Luck
  11. Dissapointed in Wolford College

    It just floors me that people continue to look at this college with the countless negative posts. Obviously this is not a good choice for CRNA school. Or maybe it is for people that just dont have the stats such as GPA, GRE, experience. Just readi...