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  1. Look at Barry, Florida International University, University of Miami & Florida Atlantic University
  2. TJFRN

    Do FNP's really make 80k to 90k a year?

    Bsnanat2...... Where do you live? I live in south FL (near Ft Lauderdale) & plan to move to GA once I graduate (2013). How is the job market for family practice?
  3. TJFRN

    Working throughout a NP program?

    I'm in a FNP program and I believe I'll have to leave my job once I begin clinicals. I currently work four 8/HR shifts (10/HR most days) with no weekends or holidays. I am either going to take time off or take a pool position so that I'm not locked into any hrs or days. I figured going back to an ER would be the best bet. My husband & I will have to tighten the belt for the next year & half but it can be done. I rather do that then stress over school. I wish you luck & whatever you choose to do will probably be best for you & your family.:)
  4. I live in S FL and in school now in the FNP program. I plan to move once I finish school. It's horrible in FL no work, little pay, and cost of living is outrages. I have lived in the same place for over 20 years and the area, economy, and working conditions are getting worse by the year! I've heard out west is the place to be... AZ, TX, etc...
  5. TJFRN

    Temporary NP position?

    zenman you live my life... if I didn't have a family I would join the nurse corps or an agency... I get bored... so after 12 weeks moving on seems to be the answer! Plus, I hate a negative work place. I rather go in do my job and don't talk to me about the ********! By the time I graduate with my FNP (2013) my husband my be up for the adventure. I know my oldest son will be gone (he's joining the Army this year) and the other two boys will have to live with what life brings them!
  6. TJFRN

    Beginning first Primary Care position in June, HELP!

    In to response to opening books and iphone in front of patients.... don't sweat it! I see my pcp ad FNP I go to do it and it actually relieves me. I know they don't know everything and it makes me comfortable that they admit to it. I always tell my patients that you want a healthcare provider who is willing to say "I don't know" over the one who says "they know" but really doesn't. Good Luck!
  7. LexyD don't let the GPA thing get to you... The hospital does not know you're GPA. Although you may not be able to recite your textbook does not mean you are not a good nurse. Critical thinking (thinking outside the box or putting the puzzle together) is what you need to do! Get you're experience on a telementry floor (1 yr) then shoot for the ICU. Don't let a bad day define you... mistakes will happen, learn for them and keep going!
  8. What do you mean "not smart enough to work in an ICU". I have worked both and in the ER you need your wits just as much as in the ICU. In the ER you are taking care of 7 patients at a time and in the ICU 1-2. Although in the ICU I worked in those 1-2 patients were critical you had to be prepared, but you are trained to do just that. However, in the ER you could have 3 or 4 critical patients... you never know... a stable patient can become critical. Also in the ER I worked in they used ICU experience as a stepping stone for the ER. You can do it with good training... I worked in the ICU as my part time job and in the ER per diem. Try that to see what works best and ask the schools you are interested in.
  9. TJFRN

    What is np school like

    buster 4... you'll get your family back and think you are at the finish line. Pat yourself on the back you did it and survived.
  10. TJFRN

    What is np school like

    Papers, papers, papers. After that exams, exams, exams. You have to write exactly! Meaning scholarly writing. You'll (which isn't allowed in graduate school, you will use "you will" instead) have ALOT of BS reading, however that reading turns your writing into scholarly papers. Your mindset must be I will jump each hurdle as I get there. By the way, if your college offer a writing lab... GO TO IT! They will help you and you will be amazed to how powerful your writing will become!
  11. TJFRN

    Masters GPA to replace poor BS GPA??

    I've heard that this does work for you. I took 5 master level courses as a non-degree seeking student while deciding what to major in. Advance Patho is a good course to take beforehand. It's a science class and they look favorable on science classes. Chemistry wouldn't be a bad thought either. I would contact your #1 choice of school and ask them what they think. Just remember if you take a course that you want to transfer to another college keep your syllabus. Most colleges want to see that in order to transfer the credits.
  12. TJFRN

    AA student contemplating CRNA track...advice?

    Do the CRNA route... you may have to spend some time in a tele unit before critical care. I'm in S. FL and before we hired new grads out of school in ICU but now most want some experience first. So get a job in a tele unit work 6 months and begin seeking for a transfer in you own hospital... your chances are better. I think if you're gonna spend the money and you're young get your CRNA... It maybe a long time (if ever) before AA's will gain their recognition!
  13. TJFRN

    NP to CRNA

    I have a few questions for those who are in a NP program and plan to apply for CRNA school... Why are you going this route? Did you take the GRE? I'm asking because I'm in a FNP program now and I know in the deepest of my heart that this isn't my choice. I really want to be a CRNA, however the GRE test is holding me back I took it twice and did horrible on it. I think the last time my scores were at best 800. I had no problem getting in the FNP program due to GPA, (took graduate level classes as a non-degree student, plus I am an alumni of the college I'm in and graduated with honors in my RN-BSN program). I've took chemistry and a chemistry, biochem, organic chem combination class without any problems (I actually liked these classes), and got an A in my advance patho class. I know the GRE is stopping my entrance into the colleges in my area (and a few out of state) because I have contacted them directly. What does one do..... I'm 42 (43 soon) and I feel I am letting this opportunity pass me by.
  14. TJFRN

    Internal Med/Hospitalist NP

    Sorry one more question I know each state/area is different, but what is the ballpark pay for hospitalist NP's?
  15. TJFRN

    Internal Med/Hospitalist NP

    Can you let us know if you are a FNP, ACNP or ANP... thanks