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  1. premaseeker

    Looking for a CRNA to shadow in Chicagoland area

    I second that idea. If you do decide to apply to Rush then you will already have the benefit of having an exchange with the program director (who does all the interviews with the assistant pd, by the way).
  2. premaseeker

    Regional Anatomy

    don't know if this thread is dead...but check the regional section at this link: Anesthesia Library :: Nurse Anesthetist
  3. premaseeker

    What got you into school?

    BS GPA 3.4ish Master of Public Health 3.67 Masters of Nursing 3.96 (MN not MSN) GRE 1250 (640 verbal, 610 quant) 18 months of neuro/medical/surg ICU experience at interview great letters of ref from intensivist, Associate dean, and nurse manager CCRN, PALS, ACLS, charge nurse experience was nursing school clinical instructor for 1 semester at a Big 10 University shadowed ~ 32 total hrs was on 2 emergency response teams (I think programs look for extra-curricular stuff like volunteering to decide between similarly qualified candidates.) applied to 2 schools, accepted at both
  4. premaseeker

    What were your references like?

    Just to throw in some addition food for thought, consider speaking to the program you are applying to. Some program directors/admissions commitees want a physicians others don't mind co-workers.
  5. premaseeker

    paying for CRNA school

    In some areas of the US the market is saturated with CRNA grads...like Minneapolis for example, it has 3 schools and produces about 70 grads a year plus Mayo is just south and has their own school. So the point is the job market has tightened up in certain areas, but the jobs are still around, they just happen to be more rural or small city gigs. In general, where there are a lot of anesthesia programs, the jobs are in shorter supply...just common sense. But go to gaswork.com and you'll see a lot of jobs, and those are just the ones that are posted on that particular site. Anyway, back to the original question. You will find enough loans if you get into school. Someone will be willing to loan you the money because it is a good investment on there part. Don't forget about grants/scholarships as well. And never underestimate living simply/austerely so that you can pay for school. One thing that really helped me was using the tuition reimbursement benny at my job to pay for some classes and then I transfered those credits into my program. That saved me tuition and I didn't have to have such a heavy class load.
  6. premaseeker

    Sigler's Prescription Drug Cards

    From what I heard, Sigler's cards are the best. If you already have them I'm sure it would be reasonable to just use them instead of buying Taber's...best of luck
  7. premaseeker

    PACU nurse applying for CRNA

    Yep, your chances are fair with only 1 year of experience but everything is program specific so depending on the other items in your profile (GRE, CCRN, other leadership activities, letters of rec) you could be a propelled in or dragged down. Many program directors will give you the straight talk about your chances if you contact them. It's also good to show them your thoughtful enough to go to the source for a proper appraisal (they are always on the admissions committee). And from my experience, any ICU experience is fine, they just want to see that you can care for complex, critically ill pts. Good luck...
  8. premaseeker

    Rosalind Franklin

    to "acrnahopeful" After carefully reading the admissions guidelines, I am under the impression that Rush accepts applicants with ADs or BSNs as long as they are attractive candidates i.e. good GRE scores, references, experience, etc. The anesthesia program is an MSN program that will be transitioning to the DNP around 2013 or so. The clinical situation is described in the following quote from the website: Most student clinical experience occurs at Rush University Medical Center, where there are over 40 anesthetizing locations. Students also rotate to Rush-North Shore Medical Center in Skokie, Illinois; Holy Family Hospital in Des Plaines, Illinois; Rush-Oak Park Hospital, in Oak Park, Illinois; MacNeal Memorial Hospital in Berwyn, Illinois; John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois and the Rush Surgical Center. The Rush University Simulation Lab and its resources are used across the nurse anesthesia curriculum to provide valuable pre-clinical and crisis management skills. Rush has a very reputable program and is known to train their students for success right out of the gates (some graduates even have shortened orientations at their first jobs because they are seen as incredibly competent for being a newby) by being very demanding during the residency. According to the Program Director and Assistant director, every year they receive calls recruiting their graduates. I liked the sound of that for sure! All in all it was the best fit for me, and I encourage you to see if it's what you want in a school/program. All the best...
  9. premaseeker

    Is 50+ too old for CRNA school?

    In my humble opinion it is not to late, but she would have to be ready to endure the INCREDIBLE amount of hoops/work it takes. Also, she doesn't need 2+ years in the ICU, just enough to satisfy the requirements of the program she would apply to. I don't know what an admissions committee would think about a 50+ year old applicant, but I know they regularly accept 40+ year old candidates into programs. If she wants it bad enough, I'm convinced they would let her in. Good luck.
  10. premaseeker

    Rosalind Franklin

    I agree with the unique experience perspective, I was attracted to that but in the context of family life with a young child I just can muster much enthusiasm for extensive time on the road and away from home. That and an few other personal preferences swayed me to Rush. I'm at Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis. We just sent someone to school at Mayo. How come you're not doing their program?
  11. premaseeker

    Rosalind Franklin

    I was accepted, but going to Rush instead. I really liked the personal feel to the program but among other things I didn't want to have to constantly drive long distances to clinical sites. Good luck though, I would have gone if I didn't get into Rush. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what hosp are you at in South MN?