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ICU.traveler has 9 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. ICU.traveler

    Travel RN, fired from first assignment?

    Happened to me before. It was an ICU assignment. Also my first. 3 days in to it I got canceled due to something similar to yours. That was about 13 years ago. When you travel it happens a lot. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. It could have been a hire of a nurse with experience that day or day before. When hospital breaks a contract with a traveler it's always traveler's fault. So don't worry. Ask your agency to get you another assignment. That's what I did. Traveled for 7 more years before I settled down. Take care and be strong. Traveler Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. ICU.traveler

    Failing nclex 6 times

    This is the best advise you can get imo. Thanks for posting. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  3. ICU.traveler

    Failing nclex 6 times

    I say keep trying. I know a person who tried for 5 years, 2-3 times per year. So she passed probably on a 12th or 15th attempt. When you have your license who cares how many times you took it. An don't listen to people who say that maybe you are not cut out for it, may be you should try something else. Just keep going forward. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  4. ICU.traveler

    Anti-Intellectualism/Autonomy in nursing

    Sounds like you know what you doing. With that kind of thinking you belong to anesthesia school, I just see CRNA like thinking. Just my 2c
  5. ICU.traveler

    What got you into school?

    GPA 2.84 GRE 910/3.5 CCRN 8 years ICU/ER (mostly ICU) traveler for the last 6 years. It's not all about the grades. Don't ever get discouraged and not apply because of the poor gpa/gre I know at least 2 people who got in with GREs My current gpa is 3.8. Doing well in clinicals too. You just have to prove to the admission com. that you won't be a waiste of a spot and that you will not fail. good luck
  6. ICU.traveler

    Any advice for a prospective SRNA?

    Yeah, before I started anesthesia school I should've taken ....... Are you kidding me? Ha-ha. I wish I quit working like a year before school strarted and partied like an animal. Enjoy life, you won't have it in aneshtesia school. PS. I took organic, still trying to figure out the purpose of organic chem. for anestesia school. If there is anyone who thinks that organic chem made them a better CRNA, please share it with me. I'm aftaid I'm missing the point. Thanks, traveler
  7. ICU.traveler

    I have never gotten great grades, CRNA out of the Q?

    i'd say you need to think about why you didn't get good grades in some of the courses. i'm a strong believer that getting c in some of the courses is perfectly acceptable. such as bulls**t courses. i went to 2 year community college for my rn and felt like 50% of material thought to us was relevant to nursing. when i went for my bsn at it was closer to 20/80 with 80% of material being irrelevant. there were only two classes out of two years worth of bsn studying that made me a better nurse. they were assessment and advanced physiology. the rest of them such as leadership, anthropology, nursing theory, world religions (had to take it as an elective requirement) were just waste of time and money. i don't know about other people, but how can you get yourself motivated to study something that is useless for you. i remember sitting in class listening to a guest speaker about the occupational hazards of a farmer. i was like 'come on', all of the students in the class were acute care nurses working in tertiary care facilities. can you bring a guest speaker that would teach us, advanced ekg or ventilators, or explain how does insulin work, why do you need to watch potassium levels when you have a patient on insulin drip. how about a lecture on the chest xray, which would be useful working nights in the icu. nope, nothing like that. instead i was learning that increased exposure to sun may predispose a farmer population to increased rates of skin cancer. well, good for me, i guess. i got lucky. the admission committee went easy on me. i was granted acceptance to a crna program. i love learning here. it is all anesthesia related. even when we learning about four layers of a stomach wall, it's all taught in close relationship to anesthesia. i'm now very interested in studying, and motivated to learn. thank god, (yes, prayers help too) my gpa has never been this high. so, the point i'm trying to make here is so what if you had some c's. i got a c in statistics (not a bs course, the instructor got killed by a drunk driver few weeks before a final, i just took it too personal). i even had an f in leadership (complete bs course, and yes, i had to retake it). if you want to be a crna don't let some c's hold you back. you need to retake statistics, tho. get some good icu exp. take advanced physiology, organic chem. get a's in them and apply to schools. don't worry about the overall gpa. i think you will be pleasantly surprised. just my 2 cent traveler
  8. ICU.traveler

    Advice from experienced RNs please!!!!!

    i'd say finish your bsn, and start studying for mcat. i once was there. finished by bsn and hated nursing. i loved the patient care. i loved taking care of people with balloon pumps, crrt, swans etc. but i hated the politics in nursing, the back stabbing, the paperwork, and never-ending nursing policies and protocols that came about from someone screwing something up. i hated the restraint orders, hated taking unstable intubated patient with chest tubes to interventional radiology for picc line placement, the hospital didn't want to train a nurse to do it at the bedside, so patient had to be charged for the inerventionalist time. so i went to crna school, and have 9 more months to go. well it's better than bedside nursing. the whole charting is down to one page anesthesia record. one patient at the time. you don't have to call for the restraint orders. however, the anesthesia attending may walk in to your room at any time and tell you to change your anesthetic plan, regardless what you think about it. sometimes it works out better for the patient, sometimes it doesn't. you end up following orders just like an rn. yes, i know crnas can practice independently, but i'm training on the east coast, so i've yet to see an independent crna. you need to find out what you don't like about nursing. if you don't like taking orders and want to be in charge all the time, you need to go to med school. if you want to be independent practitioner, you need to go to med school. no matter how advanced you are going to be as a nurse, you will be taking orders for the rest of your carrier. funny enough, the anesthesiologists take orders from surgeons. bottom line, if you want to be a leader, go to med school. try to get in to us school, if not check out caribbean schools, i've met plenty of residents both surgery and anesthesia who graduated from foreign schools. if i could do it again, i would most certainly go to med school. just my 2cent traveler
  9. ICU.traveler

    Is 50+ too old for CRNA school?

    We had a guy who was 52 when he graduated from CRNA program. I say go for it. Your mom will be 4 years older anyway (2years for ICU and 2 1/2 years for CRNA school). at the end of those four years she has a choice of being a nurse with 34 years of exp. or a new grad. CRNA. It'll be hard to compete with much yonger students. Just because they seem to be so much better prpared with test taking skills. But when you're in anesthesia program you don't want to compete, you just want to pass. So encourage her, she should do it. take care traveler
  10. ICU.traveler

    Getting Married during CRNA school

    hi, my advice is not to take any advice from any person who's not in school. i would also recommend not listening to people who are already out of school, because they just forget what's it like to be in school. (obviously some crnas did forget, it can be seen from how they treat the srnas) you can physically do it, like someone said it is just a day. but do you really want to think about your upcoming anesthesia exam while you're getting married? it's going to be your day and you won't be able to get your mind off school and anesthesia. i'm just saying if you have to get married then go ahead, but if you can wait, finish school, pass your boards and then get married. can you imagine the joy and the satisfaction? that would be a heck of a wedding gift to you. take care traveler
  11. ICU.traveler

    Med school for experienced CRNA?

    Hi BethhulieRN, Thanks for posting. I'm a second year CRNA student and already thinking about going to med school. I just wanted to ask for your thoughts on the school of medicine at university of health sciences antigua. Why this school? Did you hear anything good or not so good about it? Wonder if you know anyone that went there and what residency they got in to. How hard is it to get in there? Thanks so much. ICU.traveler
  12. ICU.traveler

    Youngest CRNA student?

    We have a guy who's going to be 25 this year, he also graduates this year. Lucky SOG. 25 and already a CRNA, what a life.
  13. ICU.traveler

    Any CRNA's that love their job but........

    Care plans by far are the worse part of anesthesia school. I hate them with passion. I would rather take another semester of anatomy then do care plans. I would rather stay extra 2 hours in OR for every care plan I have to do. Some one decided that we don't learn anything from copying and pasting when we make our care plans on computer, so our care plans have to be hand written. And then when you get to the OR, no one cares about your plan, because it doesn't even goes according to your plan, but the plan of MDA. Interesting enough, the anesthesia residents at least in our hospital don't have to do any care plans. Ask them who's better anesthesia provider. Nursing and care plans, it just never ends. Can't we do with out them? Foraneman, I'm with you 100%. Anyone who mentions word "care plan" deserves a beating of a lifetime. I just HAD to say it.
  14. ICU.traveler

    SRNA careplans

    Hello everyone. I wonder if there is a good source of careplans for SRNAs. Like they have for nursing students. Can anyone share their experience with careplans. I'm having tough times. My care plans look like christmass trees after the instructor done with them, -- so much red on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  15. ICU.traveler

    Average Undergraduate Student seeking a graduate option

    Undergrad GPA 2.84, 2 nd semester SRNA. Anything is possible, believe it!!! Take care
  16. ICU.traveler

    CRNA school and physics content

    You will be just fine with out taking physics. I never took college physics. Took some in high school, but that was many years ago. And I don't think you need it. However, look up some gas laws, I think it will be easier to learn them later. I'm in my second semester now and still can't understand why did I have to take Organic Chemistry. May be there is something I will use it for later in the program, but I doubt it very much. If there is one thing I could suggest to read prior to starting school is physiology. Yes, physiology, not some aneshtesia text book, becasue you won't understand much anyway, at least I didn't. Read as much as you can of phys and in great detail. Won't hurt to look at the anatomy of the airway either. Just my 2 cent. Take care