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Hey guys! I wanted to to start a forum for the UAB CRNA 2018 applicant class since applications are due tomorrow! Submitted my application not too long ago and am super excited/nervous!... Read More

  1. by   CCUnurse18
    I havent heard anything either , but really dont expect to until a couple more weeks. Is anyone else's references having a hard time uploading their letters in nursing CAS? One for UAB and one reference for another school tells me they uploaded it, but its not coming across as they have. I called called Nursing CAS support and they are not helpful at all.
  2. by   #ICU_RN
    Mine had trouble too. I think it depends on the browser they send it from. My supervisor had to do it three times. Eventually doing it from her home computer. I'm not sure if that was what finally made it go thru or not tho.
  3. by   snbell
    I'm applying! I was going to wait until next year, but decided to take my GRE early to meet the deadline.
  4. by   snbell
    Quote from GaMommy81
    So the deadline to turn in all documents for UAB is July 20th. Does that mean notification for the regular application deadline will go out after this? Has anyone else received notification of an interview?
    Who told you that the deadline was July 20th? I contacted the school and was informed that they'd give a week after the deadline to get your supporting material in.
  5. by   GaMommy81
    I received an email from the school after I submitted my application.
  6. by   alabama_crna
    I got the e-mail about the July 20th deadline as well. I don't think you can submit the general application after June 30th but
    can take and pass the CCRN and submit proof by July 20th or turn in transcripts, etc.
  7. by   snbell
    Hmm... I didn't receive that email. I just got the one asking about possible clinical sites. Maybe, I need to contact them.
  8. by   RescueNinja_BSN_CCRN
    The wait is agonizing! I got the e-mail. They are extending the deadline only to give people time to submit transcripts, GRE score, certs; and to give references time to submit. I am guessing the admissions committee won't meet until the following week to review applicants profile and notifications for interviews won't go out until around beginning of August (just my guess). Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   GaMommy81
    Yes, the wait is agonizing. It seems like I picked all of the schools who have either pushed back their deadlines or do not review applications on a rolling basis.
  10. by   NotDownWithCodeBrown
    Bumping this! I applied for 2018 as well. Just emailed (hopefully) the last of my course descriptions to the program manager. Now it's just a waiting game lol. Here's to hoping we hear about interviews soon!
  11. by   snbell
    Anybody heard anything yet?
  12. by   RescueNinja_BSN_CCRN
    Nope! Nothing yet!
  13. by   NotDownWithCodeBrown
    Got an email today for an interview on September 20th!