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Hey guys!

I wanted to to start a forum for the UAB CRNA 2018 applicant class since applications are due tomorrow!

Submitted my application not too long ago and am super excited/nervous!

I think early decision was due May 1, I plan on doing regular decision due by June 30th.

Do you know when you will hear something with the early decision?

I'm not sure! It isn't really clear from past year's posts how early they notify for early decision.

I have turned in my application as well! I read that we should know about interviews by June if you turned in for the early decision. I'm so nervous about it! How are everyone's application stats?

I don't mind posting my stats!

RN/BSN GPA=3.6 (worked as a nurse while obtaining my BSN)

Previous degree GPA= 3.2 (worked my way through college and tried to have a balanced life between work, school and friends)

last 60 hours GPA=3.6

Prerequisite GPA=3.0? I think? I haven't calculated that yet.

2 years CV Surgical ICU


Around 200 hours of volunteer work as a nurse and in undergrad

8 hours CRNA shadowing, 6 hours MD Anesthesiologist shadowing to diversify

I'll just be happy if I get an interview my first year applying!!

Overall GPA: 3.44

Last 60 hours: 3.49

Prereq classes:3.01

GRE: V-151, Q-151, AW-3.5

2 years Surgical ICU


Around 20 hours CRNA shadowing

This is my first time applying as well! Fingers crossed!!

Did anyone get a call from UAB yesterday clarifying what clinical site you wanted?

300 GRE, by the way! 4.0 on writing.

I'm studying for the GRE and will take it June 15th, just in time to submit my June 30th application. I have around 10 months ICU experience as of today, but many years of charge nurse/floor experience that I'm hoping will help. I am really not interested in the DNP part of the program, but I love that UAB is flexible with the clinical sites. I have children and do not want to be away for a couple years.

If I'm not accepted into UAB, then I plan to apply to a couple other places and just move and take the kids with me if accepted.

I'll be applying for regular admission cycle as well. Also taking GRE on June 15th!

I am not sure what my GPA's are, but they should be good....how did you guys figure out your GPAs?

First time applying! Good luck to you guys!

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Good luck on the GRE!! I'm sure you will do great. My cumulative is on the bottom of my transcript and then

I actually used UAB's last 60 hour GPA calculator on their website.


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How long did it take for NursingCas to verify your transcripts?

Still waiting for mine to be verified from over a week ago.

It took mine a month


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Can the school see your transcripts in the verifying stage?

I don't think so, I'm not 100% on that but I don't think they send in your application to uab until they have everything they need, including verified transcripts. You could email them tho. They replied very quickly to my questions via email.


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Yikes! That is not good.