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To all the future SRNA's of The University of Pennsylvania 2018. A thread to assist each other with questions, preparation and ideas.... Read More

  1. by   GordonIsSoCool
    Quote from Basia1
    Hi! Question: were you able to take a class or two before the official start in the summer?
    Oh absolutely. In fact, the program director encouraged us to take some core classes before starting to lessen the anesthesia course work. I took a class before my start date and it helped a lot. Just FYI, if you have already been accepted into the program, you must take those core classes at Penn per policy.
  2. by   Basia1
    I've been accepted for summer 2018. How long does it take to get the Penn key? Which course do you recommend to take on line? Do you know if I could transfer advanced patio and research class both graduate level classes? Thanks again for all your help!
  3. by   wjsb
    Hey everyone! So I received the Pennkey as I'm sure many of you have, and now I'm curious as to what steps should be taken from here. My current plan is
    1) Get a grasp on financial aid and fully understand the payment/financial aid process for the next three years
    2) Sign up for at least one class that can be taken online prior to starting in Summer of 2018, I heard the introduction to epidemiology was a good option but it appears to be closed.

    If anyone has any information or tips that they've learned I'd love to hear them. I'll keep you updated on what I find out. Once again super excited to meet you all and start this journey together!
  4. by   wjsb
    Update: According to the office of Nursing Registrar there are no courses available for us to take online (there may have been one in summer but it's no longer available), if we want to take a course prior to starting the program we would have to do it in person. This would be really difficult for me due to my work schedule and the fact that I live over an hour away, but it's a possibility for those who are interested.
  5. by   Lexxm
    Anyone else having trouble finding their POS? It say it is located in the application portal...
  6. by   bonek77
    Yes, I don't see it on my application portal either. Tried to call the nursing admission office this morning, but no luck... I sent an email to Sylvia English as well...

    Looking forward to meet with all of you next year
  7. by   wjsb
    Any word on our Plan of Study? Did Sylvia English reply?
  8. by   Ldv119
    I also do not see it. I called and no one answered. I emailed and Sylvia said today "You will find the POS at the bottom of the page, where you viewed your decision letter. You are looking for something that says attachments." however nothing is there. I sent her screen shots of what I'm seeing, I'll let you know what the next response is.
  9. by   Ldv119
    They emailed me my POS
  10. by   bonek77
    Sylvia never responded to my email. After I saw your post, I just sent her another email asking her if I can receive mine over email. Thanks Ldv119 for the input.
  11. by   bonek77
    I just got my POS sent to my email.
  12. by   Basia1
    Anyone has trouble with XCAT for transferring credits?
  13. by   babychunsa
    To everyone who got in.. can I please know your stats so I can compare whether or not I stand a chance of getting in? Thanks so much!