Midwestern university srna class of 2016 - page 8

Has anyone applied to midwestern university crna program? can anyone give hints on the program's interview experience for the class of 2015 that just started? Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   Rainier09
    I don't think there is yet but we should make one? Might be nice to communicate.... especially if people want to try to organize housing together for those who are coming down without a family.
  2. by   Rainier09
    Hey, those admitted to Class of 2020... PM me your email addresses and I will add you to the facebook group I am making
  3. by   carni
    Can't pm

    Also from Seattle area
  4. by   Rainier09
    Ok, search facebook for "Midwestern University CRNA Class of 2020" under groups and request to be added! I had to add someone in order to publish the group so I just added my dad for now haha.
  5. by   emadora
    I sent a request to join the group, please add me. My facebook name is "Dora Ema". Thanks
  6. by   eak72193
    Had an interview today. How long after your interview did it take to hear back about your acceptance? Thx.
  7. by   DreameRN
    When you all filled out the app online, did you go into detail on the sections asking about type of unit, background with ventilators...the "please explain" parts? Or just the basics, yes I have experience with them. I can't decide how much detail to go into.
  8. by   emadora
    They called me 1h after my interview to tell me I've been accepted. Goodluck!
  9. by   joclaim
    Hi am Joe, applying for 2018 and what Are the looking for mostly as far as interview goes?
  10. by   joclaim
    Hi Rainier can I get in touch with for more specific Que, am applying now. Fullframesfoto@gmail.com