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Wow...I can't believe it's only been been 3 1/2 months! It feels like it's been at least a year. But finally, a few hours ago today, I took my last final and finished my first semester of CRNA... Read More

  1. by   ALHA
    Thank you. What about these books:Miller's Anesthesia, Clinical Anesthesia (Clinical Anesthesia (Barash)), Clinical Anesthesiology, 4th Edition. ?
  2. by   wtbcrna
    Basics of Anesthesia if you are going to read an anesthesia textbook before school. Basics of Anesthesia: Expert Consult - Online and Print, 6e (Expert Consult Title: Online + Print): Ronald D. Miller MD, Manuel Pardo MD: 9781437716146: Amazon.com: Books Miller's and Barash are more reference type books than something you read front to back. Clinical Anesthesiology (triple M) is a little more advanced and will make more sense once you start clinicals.
  3. by   OscarRN
    Thanks wtbcrna!
  4. by   ALHA
    Thank you!!! I really appreciate your good will!!!
  5. by   OscarRN
    Just got it today. Thanks again.

  6. by   missnurse01
    it was a very interesting read Oscar! I read it last year. i am also kind of gleaning the baby miller, and watching dr najeebs lectures...
  7. by   MeTheRN
    Just wanted to stop by and check on this thread and see what's up. On a 24-hour call shift...fun fun! Can't believe in two months I'll be considered a senior SRNA. And in 10 months I'll graduate! Damn time flies when you're slaving away.
  8. by   Angelrina,CCRN
    You continue to be a huge inspiration!
  9. by   MEDBRAT08
    MeTheRN thanks for keeping this thread going! Can you elaborate some more as far as what types of cases have you done so far, how many cases an average you do in a typical day, how many central lines, a-lines, as well as what type/level of supervision there is at different stages of your progress (when you first start the clinicals vs. some weeks down the road).
    Thanks again dude, you're great!!!
    MetheRn, a few pages back when you talked about first starting your clinicals you said there were some politics involved that you didn't like, what exactly did you mean or what exactly have you seen in your clinical aspect of the politics involved. Thanks
  11. by   amyloo
    First of all, congrats on all your success. I have a question about shadowing, I was looking at USF's program and it looks like their shadowing is done during school. I am finishing up pre-reqs and starting an accelerated BSN next summer (I have a BA in neuropsychology), I definitely want to go CRNA because I have a knack for pharmacology and a soft spot for those who suffer traumatic injuries and chronic pain. Is it possible to shadow a CRNA before I start the BSN? I want to get an idea of what I'm in for and the day-to-day aspects of the job. My mom had brain cancer, so I'm quite familiar with how the floors function, she was in neuroICU and then on the neuroscience floor. I feel like I got a good feel for those units, but the only contact I had with anyone from anesthesia was at the pre-op visit and in the pre-op unit before they took her back. I'm working on reaching out to hospitals this week, starting with the hospital she spent the most time in. Thanks for helping us newbies and good luck with the rest of your clinicals!
  12. by   KbmRN
    I saw in one of ypur earlier posts that you are near Naples. Are you in fgcu CRNA program?
    Hes in another program, I'll leave it to him if he wants to post which one.