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Hey everyone (posting this here too because I want current students to answer as well), I consider myself to have above average intelligence and did fairly well in college (a top 20 private... Read More

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    If your looking for an easy degree program don't be a CRNA.
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    Hi , I was just wondering where you are attending school to become a CRNA?

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    I agree with most of everything people say. If I only study 4-6 hrs a day ... though ... I would be really behind. I'm starting to do all
    nighters on the weekend to just get through content then have time to go back over and restudy. Repetition is key. The content you have to learn in CRNA school is not stuff you can just fudge through. You actually have to know it. You have to give up a lot while you are in school. Make sure you prepare family and friends for not seeing you for the next 2-3 years (depending on your program length) and if they can't handle that then they aren't really your friends anyways. One things my program focuses a lot on is balance. There has to be balance in your life. Make sure you are getting rest and exercising and spending a little time with family or you WILL lose your mind. I think my main point is.... YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT TO BE A CRNA to get through this program. Otherwise ... don't even apply because you won't make it without the drive.
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    Short answer, YES.
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    Quote from shb4
    Hi , I was just wondering where you are attending school to become a CRNA?

    I am with Drexel University in Philadelphia. I start in the Jan 2014 class. When I start the program, I would have completed all my core classes such as Advanced Pharmacology, Advanced Physiology, and Advanced Clinical Assessment. When classes begin, I will only be taking 6 credit hours for my first semester (Basic Principles of Anesthesia and Overview of Nurse Anesthesia). With this light of a load, I'll be able to concentrate on just those classes. Drexel allows you to take your core classes, which are all offered online, prior to you starting your anesthesia courses, which will lighten your load significantly. The key is finding the right anesthesia program for you. I didn't want to be taking 16-18 cr hr/semester, which is insane. With Drexel and a lot of the schools in Pennsylvania, they want you to knock those core classes out of the way so you can concentrate just on your anesthesia classes. There is only 2 quarters where I will have 3-4 classes but all the rest of the quarters are basically 1-2 classes per quarter.
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    you get out what you put in...most things in life that are worth a poo are hard You can explore various programs and see what ones are front loaded vs class/clinical to see what matches your needs.
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    SRNA4U: You are lucky! Wish I could have taken some of my classes before beginning the program. lighter load would have been awesome. First 2 quarters we have 16 units each quarter. I am tired!
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    Which CRNA program are you in? I am too a hands on person and remember things by referencing them. I still continue to be like that in my work where I remember certain meds or how to do a procedure because I took care of the patient who had these things done or unknown med I gave. The front loaded program makes sense because learning doesn't really stop. You may have forgotten a certain procedure or vaguely remember it, but once you are introduced to it hands on, you will never forget. I can see myself go home after a clinical day and quickly look up something I had totally forgotten and learn more about it to retain it.
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    beetlebum - who were you asking?
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    Quote from bmobSRNA2015
    beetlebum - who were you asking?
    Hi! I was asking you, but then I saw previous posts and you mentioned the school you got accepted to. Congrats to you! It's been an eye opener for me how hard it is to get to any school and also how easily you can narrow it down if you choose a place that doesn't need a gre and the degree offered is an msn. I saw a couple of schools that has MS in Biology. I prefer an MSN.

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