Age and CRNA Admission - page 2

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Hi, Does anyone know if someone in their forties can get accepted into a CRNA program? I know that med schools have a "no age discrimination" policy (wink, wink), but you're "old" at 27 in Med School terms...just wondering... Read More

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    Hi Family!

    What a great find! I am a single Mom who became RN,BSN in 1986. I always wanted to be a CRNA. All of my 19 yrs. of experience is in Neonatal Nursing.
    I was able to see my son graduate from college and move out of the home.
    I am now 49yrs and am determined to fulfill my dream of becoming a CRNA. I was relieved to learn that age should not deter me from my pursuit. I am looking forward to your sincere guidance in my efforts.

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