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I'm currently an RN but have always wanted to go further and become an NP. I am looking at applications right now and wondering if the job market for NPs is as impacted as it is for RNs. I have struggled trying to find *any* job... Read More

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    I currently work with 3 different NPs who are working as RNs. Depressing. But I understand PAs are having an even harder time - less of a centralized, organized national organization.
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    I think it really depends on the area. I'm in a direct entry program in CA and our grads don't really have problems getting hired, but it depends on the specialty. I'm in psych, and it seems like there are a lot of jobs along the entire west coast for this specialty (that pay well). I also think that RN experience isn't necessarily vital and I haven't seen it be an issue for grads from the program. However, that being said, I do plan on working as a RN for about 2 years (during my MSN). I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a job (bay area is a nightmare), but apparently the class ahead of me is working (per diem mostly, typically outpatient and/or behavioral health), so I am more optimistic. My goal will be to have about ~2 years of part-time/per diem RN work in behavioral health before I am licensed as a FPMHNP.
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    I would suggest looking at NP job posting in your area and see what's out there. Do they sound like they are willing to train a new grad? How long do the postings stay up? You could also go to some local NP meetings and see what the members have to say about getting jobs. A lot of people seem to get offers from the places they do their residency clinical hours at. I work with a lot of people who have either just graduated or graduated a couple of years ago and none of them have had trouble finding jobs. The only one that took about 6 months to find something was a psych NP.
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    "I Have a Degree in Nursing-- Do You Want Fries With That?" I'm so frustrated & unable to find a job. I graduated May 2011. Not sure if I should go into something else. I love studying anatomy & physiology. I enjoy learning about different diseases & analyzing a solution to health problems. I feel like I lost clinical skills & now going back over nursing nclex questions to try & keep my mind fresh. I'm thinking about taking an RN refresher course. Really frustrated & disappointed. Its not what you know today but more of who you know. I really dont know anyone in medical field in my area & Im home fulltime. I have to get any job soon just to keep my sanity.
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    Job market is just ok for now with upcoming oversupply. I graduated from the psych NP program in South East. I have trouble finding a good paying job for a few months. Therefore, I graduated in May but did not start working until August! One of the classmate from Psych NP program did not start working until December and she graduated in May. All FNPs, Pediatric NP, and Psych NPs that graduated last may I know found jobs but most of us are offered low salary. The exception is ER and locums tenens. I know one FNP who started working in ER as a new grade. She was offered very good salary. One of new grads FNP took locums job in another states and get paid very well.
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    Thanks to all who replied. I've done a bit of soul searching and realized that I really want to become a Nurse Practitioner, period. Hopefully the job market waiting for me is kind, but if it isn't I will hang in there until I can move forward into the next part of my career. I'm excited to start!
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    I live in central IL and was called out of the blue this week by a headhunter that had four jobs in northeast IL and 3 in Phoenix.
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    As bad as our economy is, I believe that NP are becoming to be the forefront of today's medicine. I also believed that the lack of today NP jobs really depends on the location and field you are after. Not to mention the salary and benefits as well. You could definitely find a job but they offer you crappy benefits and salary. What are you to do then ???? I was originally attempting the acute care adult NP program but switch to FNP because I thought it would offer me more in the job field. With my years of critical care experience, I hope this influence my job acceptability as well
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    NerdyNikki makes a good point. Job market may not be bad to the point that we can't find employment in some areas yet but it may be already bad enough to the point that employers are not willing give us the "fair" salary and benefit (because other new grads or applicants demand less). Lots of jobs offer minimum amount of PTO for a full time position 2-3 weeks per year?? The minimum I will take is 4 weeks + holidays and CME. I would rather do locums than full time with poor PTO and benefits so at least I take control of my time off. Even this, it is still bad to me. I just hope all schools will transfer to DNP. At least, this will make new grads have more debt and demand a better pay to cancel out student loan. Who want to take more responsibility and liability without fair pay even in saturated market?
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    Tons of new grad NP jobs out there. I have the Indeed.com app. I just typed in 'New Grad Nurse Practitioner' and right now I am getting 1,759 results. Now of course location, specialty, and salary are all factors but there are jobs. Period.

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