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tejon has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology, Med Surg, Telemetry, Triage.

Finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up! I'm in grad school now, will graduate with a DNP to become an FNP in 5/2019.

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  1. tejon

    56 and considering NP school

    I say go for it! With that kind of experience, you will do well as an NP. I'm 50 and will graduate with my FNP in May and have been told many times how much patients (and other providers) appreciate someone who has "life experience". Your plan sounds a lot like mine - keep on going well into my 70s.
  2. tejon

    Ideal first NP position?

    I'm graduating as a DNP-FNP this May and am starting to look at potential jobs. I don't feel especially drawn to any specialty but keep hearing from many NPs and MDs that family practice can be difficult and draining. I'm currently working with a preceptor in Urgent Care, which has been pretty interesting so far, and there might be a kind of residency position available here in the near future. I'm wondering if urgent care experience would narrow my choices in the future. Is family practice somewhat like doing Med-Surg as a new grad? Not that it's necessary, but a lot of people are telling me it's an important starting point to gain experience as a new grad. Thoughts?
  3. tejon

    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    This is exactly how I formatted my resume. In my phone interview, the recruiter asked about school clinical experience and was interested in some of the populations I dealt with there, along with many questions about my experiences as a nurse. It makes sense, since the only predictors of my future abilities as an NP would be RN experience and whatever I was exposed to in my NP program. This is an interesting discussion!
  4. tejon

    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    Thanks to all who have commented so far. I just had a recruiter ask for my resume by next week (!!), so I'm working on it right now. It's interesting seeing points of view from many different people on what to include.
  5. tejon

    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    Yes to all - it was a huge project. I'll try to present it as such in my resume. Thanks!
  6. tejon

    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    The project was a depression follow up program for a family practice clinic. Would this be appropriate?
  7. tejon

    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    I'm about to graduate in May with a DNP and want to start the job search as an FNP soon. I'm not sure how to present myself as a soon-to-be provider, especially since I'll be brand new with no NP experience yet. Do I include clinical experiences ("clinical experiences in Pediatrics, Women's Health, Family Practice...") and if so do I include how many hours I did in each? I was also told by faculty to include my DNP project in my resume - unsure about whether this is a good idea or not. Any tips or help would be much appreciated. It's exciting and scary to look for work in a brand new specialty.
  8. tejon

    Orientation for experienced RNs

    YES! I wouldn't mind a short and sweet orientation if I got the basics and could move from there. And no, not safe.
  9. tejon

    What did you do before nursing?

    I started nursing school at 40, so I've had a variety of jobs before nursing. I've been a veterinary assistant, counselor in a halfway house with mentally ill adults, worked in a group home with abused and neglected teens, PDX operator in a hospital, skills trainer with developmentally delayed adults, worked for Macy's a couple of times, worked as a webmaster, in marketing, as a freelance graphics designer, and at one point had a home business making infant slings. It's been a crazy ride! I hated all of the desk jobs and kept coming back to working with people in need, even though those jobs were the hardest. I love helping people and truly love that aspect of being a nurse.
  10. I worked as a CNA before nursing school and the experience was invaluable. It gave me a chance to work with patients directly and learn basic patient care, something that often isn't taught well in nursing school. I moved up to CNA2 while in nursing school and worked on a Med-Surg floor which added another level of experience. I would highly recommend this route.
  11. tejon

    You are NOT allergic to...

    "I'm allergic to wheat...but only that whole grain stuff. I can have white bread." "I'm allergic to Tylenol (and Ibuprofen, and aspirin, and...and...). Norco works really well." "Trazadone makes me sleepy." "Lactulose gives me diarrhea."
  12. tejon


    I'm surprised it wasn't required for your job in the ED. I took it straight out of nursing school so I could beef up my resume a bit in a difficult job market. It wasn't easy, but I got through it just fine. I would definitely take it in your case - it will give you good training in rhythms and what a code looks like in progress.
  13. tejon

    Orientation for experienced RNs

    Yikes. That's definitely worse than my current orientation. I have almost 3 years Med-Surg experience and got a job in Oncology. I was given three weeks orientation with three patients assigned to me on my first night, two to my preceptor. When I asked to shadow the next night so I could ask questions, I was assigned three patients again and shadowed my preceptor with her one patient for less than an hour before I had to see to my other patients. It doesn't really feel like an orientation.
  14. tejon

    Orientation for experienced RNs

    I wanted to find out about other nurse's experiences with orientation after working as an RN for several years. Right now I'm in the middle of a very difficult orientation and wondering if I'm expecting too much from my new employer or if I'm right to be concerned about how things are being handled. How long was your orientation to a new position? If it was a new specialty, was that orientation longer? Were you assigned patients immediately when you started orientation? Were you given a chance to shadow a preceptor before caring for patients?
  15. tejon

    Nursing ecards to brighten your day

  16. tejon

    Funniest thing you've heard in an interview

    I had a panel interview for a position I really wanted on Friday. I had a pretty dry throat, so I sipped water throughout the questions. At the end of the interview, I asked about the unit: the culture, the people, the overall work environment. The day manager piped up that this was the best unit with the best nurses in the whole hospital. As I took a sip, the night manager asked if she'd ever worked on another unit. Her response? "No." Everyone laughed. And I...did a spit take. Water all over the table. Thankfully, everyone in the room just laughed again. It must not have bothered anyone - I just accepted the job!