Walden FNP starts june 03, x2013

  1. Hi all, anyone starting walden on June 3rd? I'm doing the fnp, home is in Nevada. Anyone else from the silver state starting the program in a week and a half?
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  3. by   tcabassa
    My name is Tammie. I am in the MSN-FNP program at Walden University. I am in my 3rd quarter or taking 6501 and 6053 starting June 3rd. I live in Ohio. I wish you luck and enjoy the program.
  4. by   shepherd34
    Hi Tammie, nice to meet you. I'm Arion. Congrats and good luck!! You make it seem easy juggling all the things you do. Lol. I'm stoked but a bit apprehensive. What have you disliked and liked about the program?
  5. by   babyruth

    My name is Ruthann and I'm starting the program June 3 as well. I'm in Wichita, KS. I'm a little apprehensive too. I've read a lot of reviews on the program at Walden and I'm hopeful that it is a good program and that I'll be able to find employment as a nurse practitioner once I'm graduated. I'd love to connect with some people who have graduated from the FNP program and hear what they have to say.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   DawnJ
    I did my MPH at Walden. Interesting to hear they have a FNP program too
  7. by   MuddaMia
    I am starting FNP at Walden next week also. I am so worried that people (ie hiring managers and peers) will not respect the degree after all this time and money. Well, I'm going to jump and and give it a whirl! Good luck everyone
  8. by   GGMISSTX
    I am also starting the FNP program on June 3rd. I am from Texas. I to am very nervous, but looking forward to it. My biggest fear is the writing. I have to admit I am not a good writer. It is going to be a huge adjustment for my family and myself.
    Walden has not had a graduating class yet. They just started the program last Fall. The only thing I have seen on the FNP blog are students having problems getting preceptors. Good luck all.
  9. by   Nishacat03
    Starting June 3rd as well I am in Arizona . I'm sure we will be in touch good luck to all :-)
  10. by   dscott04
    I started the FNP program at Walden in Sept 2012. Classes are fine and my grades are good. I do have to do a lot of reading and writing, but have been able to maintain an A average while working full-time. My 2 teenage children and supportive husband have made it possible.
    The negative I am experiencing is regarding preceptors. It has been extremely hard. I do have my first arranged, but only because I know a family doc who is willing to precept me. I'll have to use all the contacts I can to arrange for future rotations. That is my only complaint. I do hope that Walden learns from this experience with these early classes and arranges for more help finding preceptors.