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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I... Read More

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    I had emailed an admissions advisor and I think they said only qualified applicants receive request for interviews ....but maybe not all qualified applicants receive a request for an interview? I am really getting myself all worked up! I literally have to keep repeating to just trust in the Lord, just trust in the Lord....Not much longer before we find out now!
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    I know that for the psych specialty they interview all applicants who meet their minimum requirements. I'm not sure about other specialties though.
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    I got a rejection letter today for peds. Oh well
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    Sorry celticsgirl17. That is dissappointing : (
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    So sorry celticsgirl17. Did you apply to other schools as well. Best of luck to you!
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    Yes I did thank you! And have been admitted or offered an interview at all others so I cannot complain good luck to everyone else though!!
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    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail! Excited for fall to get here. Good luck to everyone!
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    Congrats jb30!! Which program did you apply to? Hooray!
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    Prespecialty PMHNP. They told me that decisions would be sent out the first of March, so it was a total surprise to get it this early.
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    Congrats jb30!!
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    Quote from jb30
    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail! Excited for fall to get here. Good luck to everyone!
    Congrats to the first on this thread to be accepted!
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    I'm sure there are letters on the way for a bunch of you! I went to Vanderbilt and still live in the Nashville area, so that's probably why I got mine already. Can't wait to hear from the rest of you!
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    congrats jb30!