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  1. tony55!

    University of Phoenix MSN students

    Hi NCNURSE1012, Don't let that stop you if you want to continue. I will start the post masters certificate program at Maryville this semester. I am not sure if I posted in the past that another school told me to improve my GPA and reapply. I graduated with a 3.98 in the MSN program at UoPX and reapplied. The other school still would not accept me. The advisor said it was based on my ADN GPA. I cried and then researched other programs. I was accepted to Maryville University in Missouri. I know NPs that graduated from the program and passed boards. I read other posts about the challenges of online programs, but regardless of the format graduate school is difficult. I wish you the best of luck and don't allow anyone to still your dream of advancing your career to the next level.
  2. tony55!

    University of Phoenix MSN students

    Update for University of Phoenix I graduated last weekend with an MSN. I enjoyed the classes and the facilitators at the University of Phoenix. I am applying to the post master's certificate FNP program at Maryville University. I hope to come back in less than two years and report I am graduating from the PMC-FNP program.
  3. tony55!

    Phone Interview with Davita

    OrganizedChaos, You should look at their core values and mission statement by going to their website. The company is all about teamwork. I don't recall the questions I was ask, but I also don't remember the interview being difficult. If you have an interview, they are interested, so be yourself and you will be fine. I work for DaVita, I quit and they hired me back. Good Luck
  4. I received my rejection letter from the University of South Carolina again. The reason for rejection is my undergraduate grades. I am 12 weeks from graduating from the UoPX MSN program with almost a 4.00 GPA. I little history, in 2013 I applied to the USC and was rejected. I was told that my undergraduate GPA was the reason. Then I was told to take some class, and get my GPA up and I would have a better chance. Now I am looking at other programs. I want to apply to post master's certificate (PMC) FNP programs. I want the program to be close enough for driving if there are a few campus visits. Does anyone have information on the PMC program at Tennessee State or East Tennessee State? I am trying to understand the tuition for out-of-state students. It is 700+ per hour and then fees. I found one quote of 1200+ on the website. Any feedback about the total costs would be helpful. The other question is about the three P's (advance patho, pharmacology, physical assessment). Can these classes be taken prior to starting the program? If so, do you start as a non-degree candidate or get accepted to the program and then take the classes? Thanks in advance for any feedback, Learning is a journey
  5. Gamecockgurl, Are you in the post-master's certificate program at USC. I want to apply and start this fall. If you are in the program, will you share your experience about the program? Is it 2.5 years full-time? They are having an information session this Tuesday at the school and I thought about driving to Columbia to learn about the program.
  6. tony55!

    How long to become ARNP if I already have MSN degree?

    Hi PMFB-RN, What schools offer the 3 P''s ? Are they online? I am still in the MSN program but when I finish I want to get my FNP.
  7. I am a UOP student. I want to do my practicum in a church or community center. My mentor told me I could not teach the congregation or the people at a public meeting. She said, it has to be the staff or nurses. Is this true? Any suggestions on organizations that will allow MSN students to do a practicum in the community? I have sent out one letter and I am waiting on a reply. I am just trying to have a few possibilities before the class starts.
  8. I just wanted to post an update - about the MSN program at the University of Phoenix. I am in my second class. The classes are hard but I love it.
  9. tony55!

    to work or not to work while in MSN program?

    Nerselisa, You may need to work some while in graduate school for the practicum requirement. If you could do a few days a month that would be good. It will keep you in the network and get you out of the house.
  10. tony55!

    Dialysis Nurse Survey-MSN Capstone

    Hi Mary, Good luck on your research. I am a dialysis nurse and soon will be a MSN student.
  11. tony55!

    Seeking advice regarding Ultrafiltration rates

    Hi Foleynurse, You were correct to look at the previous amount of fluid the pt tolerated. However, you should always follow policy. Since you are not familiar with the patient you will always be covered if you tell the patient - I can't pull that much, because it is aganist policy. If you feel like the patient needs a higher UF then you can always call the doctor and get an order. If the pateint demands more than the allowed amount you can document the patients request for extra UF, but you would still be responsibile if he/ she has an adverse event, because you should explain too the patient the reason for not being aggressive. You coud suggest they come for an extra treatment or run longer. However, you will need an order for the extra treatment and possible to run the patient longer (if no standing order). You were correct to suggest the patient go to the ER, if he was still concerned about the seizure. As for the family, you can tell them that you tried to explain to him that you didn't want to pull the extra fluid, but they would probably still be upset. You can tell them that you monitored him during treatment, he was tolerating the fluid removal well and you appreciate them letting you know that you will make a note on his chart regarding - do not pull more than x - kg per treatment. You can talk to the doctor or charge nurse and see if this is the appropriate steps to take. Good Luck, sounds like you will be a great dialysis nurse. Hang in
  12. tony55!

    University of Phoenix MSN students

    JoMom4, Thanks for your reply. I will take the classes serious because I really want to succeed. I have already went online and completed 5 workshops. I feel like that has familiarized me with the website. I hope to come back on this site in less than 2 years and tell you - I have completed the program. I have a few ideas about my 590 practicum. I am also thinking about the 598 utilization research. According to what I have read those two classes are the hardest. I feel like if I can get ahead on those two classes I have a better chance at completing the program. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas
  13. tony55!

    Chronic Dialysis RN

    Hi ChrissyCoo, Sorry it took so long to reply. i just found your question today. Yes, I do know - we just had a tech (works for FMC) move in at the same place I stay - Affordable Suites of America - they are nice. The secretary where I am working told me that Fresenius travel nurses usually stay at Candlewood Suites. I am in NC now and you can google the Affordable Suites and the place really looks like the picture on the internet. Hope this helps. If you want more info u can pm me. I hope it is not to late to help. I don't know where you plan to travel, but if it is NC look up the 90 day lodging rule. If you take the stipend your company pays and pay for the room yourself - you will get 400 check after paying for 90 days if you stay in the same place. Some hotels / suites pay you back in rewards, but this place gives you a check. I will check my e-mail again tomorrow just in case you have another question.
  14. I am looking for students that finished the MSN program at the UOP or students that plan on starting the UOP in 2014. I will start the MSN program in January. :) I have read the good and the bad about the UOP however, I have read the same about other schools on this site. I have spent a year trying to get back in school. I decided today to apply at the UOP. The advisor was wonderful. I would appreciate advise from graduates of the program on how to prepare in the next few weeks. Materials ? web cam ? new APA book , whatever you can think of to share. Students that plan on starting the program in January - maybe we could get to know each other before the classes start. I live in SC, but I am in NC right now on a travel assignment for 6 more weeks. I plan on returning home before classes start and getting a PT position. TIA for your comments.
  15. Hi, FA2NS and borntowearscrubsRN- I applied at UOP today. The process is much friendlier than the last three schools. I cannot get my FNP with them, but I can get started on my MSN. I am excited to finally be doing something besides waiting. Good luck. I should start in January as long as I get my transcripts in on time. I will pray for us all, and God will guide us in the right direction.