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I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program. Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all the new and current students.... Read More

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    I think it is a lot of reading, and papers to write...the online class is well organized
    and am finding the library easy to navigate...overall I'm happy with this program.

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    Quote from rnnurseoklahoma
    I just started the FNP Program at St Joseph's, I had to purchase 4 books for nursing informatics. My family member attends the same school and is almost finished with the core classes. They said be ready for lots of writing
    hey i'm from oklahoma also i'm in my 3rd class about to wrap that up next week then on the next one. There is a st joseph student page on facebook you should join it.
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    Quote from Leahbrasher
    Thanks. I found the books via the website. I read a different thread suggesting us to purchase the new apa book since there are significant changes from the last edition. There used to be software you could purchase that would put your papers in APA format...I will have to find out
    I use the software PERRLA for my papers they update it constantly. The only other thing on the 6th edition of apa is that you when you paraphrase something you have to put the page number with it instead of this format (smith, 2007) it would be (smith, 2007, p.41) for in text citations. Oh i only used 1 book for informatics and i barely used it at that and still got an A.
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    re the informatics, I'm not taking any chances...I bought the 4 books and
    making sure the papers submitted are substantial...this is my best opportunity
    so am giving it my best.....
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    I'm finishing up Nursing Informatics as we speak. I'm building a website, which has been strangely addicting, but I think I may be going overboard. There were other options, like writing a 15 pages business proposal or hour long powerpoint presentation, but I wanted a break from papers! For NI, I used the two textbooks sparingly (for throwing in a few citations here and there) but I did use them. I bought them from VitalSource and Coursesmart- they're ebooks and I think I paid $50 total for both of them combined.

    As for SJCME's program, I am enjoying it... but I'm a little frustrated that it's taking so long to get to the "good stuff." Other students that I work with in different programs are already getting into patho, pharm, etc. I still have three classes before I can even feel remotely like an FNP student. But I'm getting there! I'm just glad to have some classes behind me now.

    It's a LOT of paper writing... that's for sure!! Hope to see some of you in my classes
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    Can someone enrolled at SJCME tell me if they are having any issues with the library databases? I'm able to access one from work just fine, but all the databases from SJCME are running excrutiatingly slow for me over the past few days. Help please
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    I am an NP student at St. far I have not experienced any difficulty with the databases...also found the interlibrary (ILL) loan to be quick...maybe giving the librarian a call would speed tings up....
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    Thanks, I emailed the librarian a few days ago without response. I've never had issues until now. I even upgraded my internet today to see if it would help them load. When I say slow, I mean... I can cook dinner before it loads. I've tried different browsers... nothing seems to help.

    Thanks for your help, I'll give them a call tomorrow.
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    oh geezzz...I usually do not email the librarian, I call...the phone is picked up right away...think the library opens around 8 30 AM or so.....the librarians have been very helpful...
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    Is anyone else waiting to start clinicals? We have to wait for a cohort group of 6 students to be ready and I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat waiting for other students to be ready in order to start?

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