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    Brandman University BSN-DNP 2015

    You may end up with 10 different instructors during the course of your three year enrollment and 73 credit hours. Do you really think that each one of those instructors is going to get licensed in MN? I'm not being condescending, but just don't get bamboozled. This program is 70k+. That's a lot of money to be disappointed...see if they will put it in writing.

    Brandman University BSN-DNP 2015

    Great program if you like auto-didactic learning...

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    I'm doing Brandman and it's very flexible... But not cheap... Three years...

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Thank you to everyone who shared their information, it was very motivating and enlightening…with that being said, I'd better get back to my homework…one down, two to go in a three year psych/DNP program…see you on the other side colleagues!
  5. I am currently looking for a PhD nursing student that may be interested in the doing a joint dissertation on the subject of childhood sexual abuse. I don't know if my University would approve of it, but I thought it would be a great way to lessen the theory-practice gap. Additionally, I think that this would really exemplify the way in which DNP and PhD graduates should work together to improve the discipline as a whole. I am currently a student at Brandman University; psych NP program. I am a serious student, big on punctuality and accountability when it comes to my schoolwork. I plan to present this idea to the dean, I would really like to see if this type of model could work and how it would improve collaboration between PhD and DNP nurses.

    Saint Louis University anyone???

    I started at Brandman University this past January, I was not accepted to the SLU program... I would also like to hear how its going to compare my experiences thus far...which, incidentally have been positive.

    Brandman University DNP

    Does anyone know how to change your screen name? Looks like I won't be going from LPN2RN2BSN2MSN but instead I'll be going straight to DNP! I'm looking forward to meeting you all in January. Heads up to all you new Brandman DNP enrollees, school starts on a Sunday. See you there.

    Nightmare New Grad NP Position

    Well Tigerblood01, this is a good lesson to remember, I was just accepted to a psych NP program. Just curious, what state are you practicing in? Do you think that this would have been less likely to have occurred in a state where NPs were completely autonomous?

    Is NC considering expanding NP autonomy

    Thank you for the feedback. Who knows, maybe I'll be a legislative rebel and come down there and overthrow the current system. I just wish there was consistency throughout the states. Sure would have been nice for ObamaCare to address the issue of NP autonomy, that would be a great step towards healthcare reform!

    Brandman University DNP

    Sally Ann, What specialty did you choose? I'm doing psych.

    Is NC considering expanding NP autonomy

    I am considering relocating to Charlotte, NC. I'm going to look at the NPA and share my interpretations. I was recently accepted into a psych NP program and am curious to know what my options would be upon completion of the program. Do you currently live in NC?

    Brandman University DNP

    Rich, have you heard anything?

    Brandman University DNP

    Rich, I was not put on the spot by your suggestion of sharing a room. I know in theory that what you are saying about thinking positive is right but I just can't help thinking that if I make any plans that I will jinx myself and not get accepted. Now I know this sounds like a very primitive way of thinking, but for the last year it seems like positive thinking has not gotten me anywhere. This is kind of off the subject of school, but I have been homeless (living with my mom) for over a year now. I'll give you the short version: Sold my house in August 2011, was in contract to close on a new house, the deal fell through after I had already sold my house, I was left with nowhere to go but my mom's house. I have put in offers on at least eight other houses since then, most recently yesterday, to date none of them have panned out. Why? Because in my opinion, I jinxed myself by making plans and buying furniture before the deal closed. So, there you have it. That is why I keep saying if, if, if, because I don't want to jinx myself. On top of that, you probably are thinking, "she's a little off, maybe I don't want to share a room with her!" LOL. Just kidding. IF I get accepted I would have no reservations about sharing a room with you whether you were gay, straight, round, square, pink or purple! I pride myself on being open to cultural, sexual, dietary and religious diversity. This is one of the most important concepts that I learned in the BSN program. Having a study buddy is a great idea, especially in a distance learning format because you have someone else to be accountable to and this keeps you from procrastinating because it's easy to do that with online classes. I had a study buddy when I was studying for the NCLEX and we were not even studying the same thing. However, we made a commitment to show up at a specific day and time to study for a specified period of time. She was studying for the LSAT and in the end we were both successful! IF we both get in then we will be married for three years! I know exactly what you mean about focusing on one class at a time as opposed to organizing assignments for several classes, it does seem easier. If you really look at many of the MSN programs then you will see that they take just as long to complete as this DNP program. Ok, from now until we get decision letters I am going to chant everyday that we both get accepted, but I will not make any plans based on the assumption that I am going to get into Brandman. I don't want to jinx myself or you. Okay, the thing about the double specialty MSN vs single specialty DNP: My thoughts based on information that I have gathered is that if you are not using both then it will be difficult to maintain your certification which must be renewed every five years. I gave it a lot of thought because I want to open my own visiting practice when I complete school. I figured if I went to see an adult patient regarding psych issues that I could also address medical issues and be able to bill for two types of visits. Now it's possible that I just don't understand the process and that it would not work that way. However, theoretically that would be the most efficient way to work. I have done home health almost exclusively since 2003. I had a psych patient diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as DM, renal failure and HTN. So I was just thinking if I was a an NP I could combine medical and psych together when seeing patients. By the way, we should probably move our conversations to private messages. This is a lot of information that is not related to this thread topic. TTYL. A.

    Brandman University DNP

    To Perioddrama: I just looked back to my application and it says that I submitted it on August 27th, however my references took forever to come in. I had to harass, beg and stalk people to get them all in! I just got a letter dated October 26th that my application was complete and being forwarded for review. I have not received a decision to date. But I was told that the different tracks were reviewed separately by the head of that department, so " Baltimore" is doing acute adult/gero and we are doing psych. Hope this helps.

    Brandman University BSN-DNP

    Rich, did you ever receive any answers to these questions? Specifically about the GRE score.

    Brandman University DNP

    I created my screen name before I was ever aware that a DNP existed! So, I too have applied for the BSN to DNP psych track. IF, I get accepted to Brandman then I guess I will have to change my screen name. LOL. I wish I did have my MSN because then I would not have had to face that dreadful GRE! I think that I submitted my application sometime in September, but I was waiting for references to come through and that held me up for a looooonnnnnggggg time! I received a letter dated October 26th that said that my file was complete and being forwarded for review and that I would be notified by mail of the decision. I would not be opposed to sharing a room (IF accepted into the program), it would be the Double Tree in Irvine, CA. That is the one that is literally a stone's throw from the college, but I think its about $200.00 per night! I visited the campus in May and I was very impressed with the lab, and yes I was also attracted to the one-class-at-a-time schedule. However, I don't know if you have ever taken an eight week class but just as the other student said, it is "fast and furious." I took an eight week class in my last semester of undergrad and it was a lot of work and that wasn't even at the graduate level! I was told that one should expect to commit about 24 hours per week to a class in order to be successful at Brandman. Of course, year three will be the greatest challenge, because you will be doing the one class every eight weeks and about 32 clinical hours per week in order to fulfill the 1000 hour requirement. So, that probably means no work for the last year. Add kids and any other familial obligations, I don't think that this is going to be a walk in the park by any means. But, I feel that I am up for the challenge because life isn't always as much about smarts as it is about pure will and the refusal to be defeated. I only applied to two other programs because they were the only one's whose deadline had not passed by the time that I completed my BSN. I must have literally called/ visited by internet, 100 programs. I applied to University of Alabama (not excepted), Saint Louis University (no word yet) and Brandman (no word yet). So, my anxiety over being accepted is literally keeping me up at night, because I only have two chances left, and Brandman is my top choice. I have started to formulate my back- up plan already, which is to attend UNLV as a non-degree seeking student and at least get the patho and pharm out of the way and start applying for colleges with summer start dates, like SUNY at Stony Brook. Well, my daughter wants me to play Cinderella with her now, so I will post a bit later addressing the FNP/FPMH combo. You probably already know this, but Northeastern (Boston) offers that dual specialty option and its almost the same number of credit hours as Brandman. I actually started a thread to get some opinions about what people thought would be most valuable; dual MSN specialties or DNP in a single specialty. No one ever replied though. Chow for now, A.

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