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I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program. Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all... Read More

  1. by   canchaser
    Im sorry.. I was asking earlier this year if any one was going to be starting. Ivebeen poking around waiting for a friend to be ready to start with me in may. So if u r waiting to start, will these people be in all three cohorts..we move as a group? Holding me back from graduating by december? I wanted to do 32 hours a week of clinicals getting them done really quick. This just blows my plans out of the water!! A brick and mortar school knows what class will follow each one. And know what preceptor to find for each 604, 605 and 606 but they don't even know what they are doing. One person tells u something and another says something else. I m ready to fire away on them! I can't wait to get done.
  2. by   NotMyName
    The way I understand it, you must complete clinicals with a cohort at a pace of 16 hours per week per 15 week clinical rotation and there are 3 rotations. The ideal is for the same group to stick together. I am not aware of any exceptions. In addition to 16 hours of clinical practice per week you will also be taking the clnical class and the FNP theory class each rotation. If you are beginning the program in May and starting from BSN, I believe you can expect 18 - 24 months to complete the program. If you already have MSN, you may be able to complete the program in 1 year but it would be a real push. It would be great to have a discussion board active with Saint Joseph's so reliable information would be available to everyone.
  3. by   RN-In Maine
    I am current enrollled in only Nursing Informatics and I called my advisor to see how many classes you are able to take at once. She really discouraged taking more then one at a anyone taking more then one class?? If so is the work load pretty heavy? I currently work full time..although may consider decreasing my hours to get some of these classes done sooner. THank you!
  4. by   canchaser
    RN- in-Maine.... Just do one and do it fast. Some people are getting theses classes done in 4-6 weeks. If u do it this way, it will be the same as taking 2-3 classes in the typical brick and mortar school. I have only taken one at a time but when I get to the last few week I sign up for the next class. They want u to sign up for the next class by the 15 to 20 of the month do they have time to financial aid/ paperwork in order. And I find someone taking the class I'm ready to take and get the assignments and start working on them while I wait for the class to officially start on the first. This way I don't have down time.
  5. by   RN-In Maine
    Thank you- great advice! How do you find someone already taking the class you and get the assignments??
  6. by   canchaser
    I work with someone so she has taken classes. I found some here on all nurses just by asking questions like u are? Do u have anyone who is going to do the program with u? I didn't keep my informatics stuff u fortunately.
  7. by   LJames13
    Hello FNP students!

    It's been a while since I've posted something but I've been reading the posts from time to time and these last comments have me a bit confused.

    I was unaware that to start the FNP courses (NU 604 and on) along with it's clinical you had to wait for a group/cohort to start with you...Am I understanding that correctly? and if there isn't 6 students ready to go, you have to wait to get started?

    That seems not only crazy but also a waste of time if 6 students aren't ready to go and you are?!?

    Anyone currently doing their clinicals, is this correct? I am only on my 3rd and 4th class so I have time before I need to worry about that, but I would like to know in advance and be prepared.

    Thanks to everyone!

  8. by   Ixalia
    Hello All:

    This is my first time posting although I've been following the threads on this and other topics for a few months, but especially those related to NP topics, as I recently started the St Josephs's NP program. A while back I saw mention of a facebook site started by some who post on this site. Is it still active, and if so what would I find it under?
    Also, a word of thanks for the regular posters, as many of the issues discussed have been very helpful to me, not just related to this school's NP program but situations that current and future NP's are facing or dealing with.
  9. by   NotMyName
    A student may begin NP 604 without starting their clinical rotation. However, no other classes can be started until the clinical part is complete. The immediate problem with a lack of students to begin a cohort (6 are required) should resolve itself in the next few months. I have completed NP 604 and continue to wait for 5 other students to be ready. In addition, it is my understanding that the college is now required to register with the State Board of Nursing from all states and this is causing an additional delay. The program is new and just getting started, so I think a lot of these problems will not affect students who are just beginning the program.

    It is difficult to sit around and wait. I took time off from work to complete this program and delays can be costly.
  10. by   RN-In Maine
    Hi Guys,

    I am just starting out in the FNP program. And I am trying to find out from the students who are almost done how long it took them to come close to finishing the program?? I know the classes are 15 weeks long and you should finish them sooner then that... But that looks like between 3-4 years to finish the program?? Wondering if that seems accurate?? Thank you to anyone who replies!
  11. by   shannonFNP
    During the first two classes, you are only allowed to take one at a time (per my advisor, maybe this is just her philosophy). I spent a little two much time (for me) and didn't finish them for 5 months. Then I started my 3rd course, the following month I started my fourth. I would finish my third course at 2 months, my fourth course at 2 months. But since I staggered them, 2 courses would take approx 3 months to finish them. For example (these are hypothetical):

    January- Research Started
    February- Politics Started, Research still in Progress
    March- Leadership and Management, Research completed at the end of February. Politics is still going.
    April- Politics finished before April started. Now I start Informatics, and L&M is still going.

    By April, I've finished 2 courses and enrolled in 2. By the end of April, I'll have finished 3 courses, still enrolled in one, but will being the next course May 1.

    Essentially, I'll finish a course in 6 weeks using this method.

    Also, it should be noted that the program is not entirely self paced. For example, I'm in Politics now. I started it April 1. I just finished my Politics final. (Course finished in less than a month). I can't turn in my next assignments until I receive my grades back. I finished it super quick because I start Pathophysiology tomorrow and didn't want to be burdened with Politics. I'm ready for the good stuff

    Also, Patho, pharm, and physical assessment may take longer for me because I want to soak up every last detail.

    If I continue at this pace, I will finish the program in August 2013. I started July 2011. If I didn't take so long with my first courses (I had a lot going on when I first started and was not completely dedicated to the program) I would have finished earlier.

    Hope this helps!
  12. by   shannonFNP
    RN-in Maine,
    You can take more than one class after you finish your first 6 credits.
  13. by   RN-In Maine
    Thank you soo much for your feedback!! And I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. I like how you layered the classes and now that I am moving on into my second course I am starting to get into it more so I plan to pick up a bit and move along a little faster. Goodluck with Patho! But you are into the good stuff