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So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time, although was told you can talk to... Read More

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    Just finished my application to South University. I am planning to start in February 2014. Good luck to everyone!
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    Good luck to you too!
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    Congratulations amyrnfa! Time will fly by before you know it.
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    Hi freedomrn1, are u starting the msn-Fnp program in dec?
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    Officially accepted to start Nov class! I'm so excited.
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    Congratulations VonettaRN! It's one week from today.
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    Thanks! Whew 1 week away......I'm ready though..ready to get this show started!!! Ihflanurse I'll definitely be in touch ;-)
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    8:21 pm by [COLOR=#003366]lmestas[/COLOR]
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    I will be starting the FNP program next week (Nov 2013). If anyone else is starting we should form some sort of a support group to help each other through it. It's going to be extremely difficult and I know I'd appreciate knowing I having others on the same journey with me. My email is [COLOR=#003366][/COLOR] if anyone is interested. Good luck to us all.
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    Yes let's keep in touch my email is
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    Me too....let's definitely go on this journey together My email is

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