South University FNP MSN program??? - page 21

by TashaLPN2006RN2012 | 46,427 Views | 202 Comments

So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time, although was told you can talk to... Read More

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    Not sure. I only know a coworker in the regular RN program and she had some problems with them. Not sure about the FNP program tho. Good luck !
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    Thank you
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    Hi islander RN!

    Just wondering how how things are going in the program? just wanting to know how the clinicals are with the classes? Are the 11wk classes intense also with the 180 clinical hours? Are there papers and care plans too or just tests?

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