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  1. I am applying for the match 5, 2015 start up date fnp program at south university. I wanted to get to know my classmates so we can help each other out though this journey if possible. My email rondaniellernbsn@gmail.com. Do you have a copy of the cur...
  2. South University FNP MSN program???

    Can I have the link as well? I am applying to March 2015 term.
  3. South University FNP MSN program???

    I was quoted about $32,000 for the fnp program not including transfer credits.
  4. South University FNP MSN program???

    I am applying for the march semester 2015. I have transfer credits from Kaplan university fnp program. Love the one class at a time. Hope we can be classmates.
  5. South University FNP MSN program???

    This helps a lot.
  6. South University FNP MSN program???

    I am applying to the FNP program at south university to start in march 2015. I recently stopped Kaplan university FNP program because full time was kicking my behind with 3 kids and part time was not ideal to finish in 3 years. I like the idea of 1 c...
  7. Chamberlian FNP March 2015

    I thought this was a pretty good online school when researching. I just didn't think the campus visit out of state was feasible.
  8. Some school are requiring a DNP for their program but it is not state mandated. That did not pass thankfully
  9. Herzing University FNP program?

    Just Keep Swimming How was the core classes and major classes as it relates to writing papers. What did the class work/ test consist of. Papers all the time?
  10. NP School Acceptance? GPA?

    I would agree that 3.0 is what most college require across the board. Some have provisional acceptance like at least a 2.5 gpa but you have to keep your gpa a 3.0 or better with each semester. Also depending on where you wanna go to school will decid...
  11. Herzing University FNP program?

    I was in Kaplan university family nurse practitioner program in march 2014 and had to stop in October 2014 for some family issues. Some nights I was up 2 and 3 in the am and had to be up at 6 getting ready for work so I do understand some dedication ...