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    I just finished orientation week for the BSN to DNP program at Loyola University in New Orleans I am officially an NP student for the next 3 years. There are 40 of us in my cohort and I am ready to roll and get this going! Good Luck to everyone else beginning the journey
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    Good Luck!
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    Have you been working as a nurse? If so how long have you worked as a nurse. I have my BSN and also want to take this journey of obtaining my DNP, but I want to work for at least 2 years first. I work on a cardiac step-down unit and I love it so much. I want to obtain my DNP in acute critical care nursing. Good luck to you.
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    I have been working for 3 years but I know that I do not want to be at bedside. You get a lot of opinions on these boards as far as how much experience or if you even need experience. I say you need to do what is right for you. By the time I finish my program I will have 6 years experience and I believe that is more sufficient.
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    good luck! I'm thinking about that program as well!
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    Congrats, Mom to 4

    I am also beginning FNP school and hope to use this form for support. Look forward to talking more with you
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    Congrats! Do you need to find clinical sites by yourself?
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    Yes we are responsible for finding our own clinical sites. Hopefully that will work out ok. We are allowed to complete clinicals with either a physician or an NP.
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    I'm a bit confused are you a working RN? What type of floor do you work on? What do you want to specialize in as an NP?
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    Congratulations! I think 3 years is a good amount of time before starting NP school. I hope you do well. The only time I caution people is when they are right out of undergrad with no experience and want to go a route that would pigeon hole them in before they have a chance to get their feet wet and decide if they really like what they think they will.