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Miss Kitty00 specializes in Med_Surg, Renal, intermediate care.

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  1. Miss Kitty00

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    32. Never thought about traveling until it hit me that I wont be getting married and having babies anytime soon. I've been a nurse for 7 years but still feel like I'm not "skilled" enough. I just recently moved from med-surg to step down so that I can learn some things. I plan on doing some agency per diem work this summer too. I'm not to thrilled about leaving the comfort of my full time job with benefits to be traveler. Plus I own a home. So maybe next year around this time I will travel.
  2. Miss Kitty00


    Anybody applied or enrolled into Oklahoma City University's FNP program? I'm just curious to how the program is going since is such a new program.
  3. Miss Kitty00

    Standing up to my charge nurse prevented a mistake

    This is a very interesting post. I love all the different opinions regarding the situation. What I do love and respect about nursing is that everybody nurses different. We have the same policy at my facility. Our midlines are labeled " Do not draw labs". However, I'm fortunate that on night shift we have a NOW (nurse on the way) nurse or what some hospitals call a resource nurse who is PICC certified. Also, some of our house supervisors are PICC certified. So I would have called one of them and explained the situation. Then I would have asked if they could come up and draw the lab or assist me in drawing the lab. That was a situation that needed immediate attention. I'm a charge nurse as well and I'm not going to argue with you. We are going to take care of business. So you call the doctor and as the charge nurse I will take care of the lab. Also, at my facility we do not place PICC lines on dialysis patients. They are only get central lines. The nephrologists believe that PICC lines ruins the veins for future fistula placement.
  4. Miss Kitty00

    Officially a NP student

    good luck! I'm thinking about that program as well!
  5. Miss Kitty00

    EPIC Hospitals

    Mercy and Saint Anthony
  6. Miss Kitty00

    Med-Surg floor sucks, and nursing unions

    The original poster sound like she works at my hospital. In Oklahoma, new grads in the hospital usually make anywhere from $18.50 to $21.
  7. Miss Kitty00

    Dialysis patient and IV fluid

    I agree with the previous posters. I would not question IVFs on a dialysis pt unless they were admitted with Fluid Volume Overload and/or anuric.
  8. Miss Kitty00

    Refued to give pain meds due to brady

    I agree with this.
  9. Miss Kitty00

    Why Do I Keep Seeing This?

    Did you speak to the nurse managers of this floor (or floors)?
  10. Miss Kitty00

    Morphine/Phnergan IVP...to give or not to give?

    this is how I feel about it.
  11. Miss Kitty00

    I'm so stressed, I want to give up nursing...

    At my facility. a doppler study is to rule out DVT. I never heard of one to rule out edema. To the original poster, you did fine, no harm was done to the patient.
  12. Miss Kitty00

    Is the nursing experience better or worse than when you started?

    This is how I feel.There are some days that I'm ready to go to the local customer service employer and fill out the application. I try to remain positive, but lately it has been really hard.
  13. Miss Kitty00

    University of South Alabama NP program

    okay this post just scared me. I was really looking into this school.
  14. Miss Kitty00

    Has anyone successfully completed an LVN-to-RN program?

    My LPN program prepared me. However, I worked at a hospital where the scope of practice between LPNs and RNs is very narrow. So I felt like having hospital experience helped me tackle RN school.
  15. Miss Kitty00

    Working Nights On Med-Surg

    Oh the joys of sundowners! LOL
  16. Miss Kitty00

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    I love 12s. I use to hate working five 8s. However, oneday I did I an 8 hour shift and I was less stressed. I won't do 16s. We have some nurses that do 16s two days in a row, sometimes three and I think that's really dangerous.

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