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    Is 52 too old to start an NP career when the nurse has had 3.5 years of nursing experience and an MBA with consulting and sales experience? VERY interested in integrative health and prevention as a sole practioner. Would like some insight. Thanks,

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    I started working as an NP at the age of 60, well actually when I had a couple weeks left at 59.
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    WOW Zenman you made my day!
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    Zenman is way cool!

    NP with an MBA - very very cool. Hot degree combo at this time. When I did my MSN I actually enrolled in a combo MSN/MBA degree but dropped the MBA because business made me gag. I wish now that I had stayed with it.
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    LOL trauma. Well I have 20 years of sales and international business consulting experience in addition to a BSN, so just looking for my next adventure! I think private practice with an integrative medicine model would be right up my alley!
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    GO FOR IT! I was questioning it all myself and received nothing but encouragement. I'm 46--but at this rate we'll all be working into our 80's lol !!
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    You are only too old if you feel that you are. I say go for whatever makes you happy.
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    I am 52 also. Starting Loyola's BSN to DNP program this summer. I'll be 53 when I start. Right now I'm completing my BSN at Kaplan University Online. I have an ADN and 33 years of nursing experience. If you want it, go for it!
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    Glad I saw this thread! I will be 51 this month and just finishing up my BSN on-line. I was debating applying to an NP program for fear I'm too old. Ha! I feel like I'm in great company now! GO FOR IT!!!
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    Quote from zenman
    I started working as an NP at the age of 60, well actually when I had a couple weeks left at 59.
    How cool is that?!!! Any problems landing a job? You're a PMHNP correct? I'm still debating that route vs. Adult NP. How's it going for you?

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