Maryville University Nurse Pracitioner Program

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    Hello All,
    I am new to the I was wondering if anyone can help me with this question.
    I was wonder if any of you out there are in the Maryville University NP program that is online? I specifically want to know how you feel about the classes being online and if you feel like you are learning the material to be a competent provider. I am leery about attending an online program because I have never done online classes. Also how are they assessing you on you Health Assessment class if it is online.

    I am currently also applying to a university that is not online but they only offer DNP and I am not really excited about going to school for four more years.

    Any information and opinions would be very helpful

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    Hi dezzray22, I can't speak personally but I live in the St. Louis area and I have several coworkers attending the FNP program at Maryville. They seem happy with it. I would think that the health assessment coursework would be online and there are also clinical hours with a preceptor. I've seen other Maryville students post so I'm sure someone could add to this.
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    Thank you so much. It just seems too good to be true so I am trying to find out if it is or not
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    Lets us know what you find out!
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    ]Hi. I attend Maryville. Im taking health promotion and advanced pathophysiology. Patho is a killer and the health promotion professor is a pain but im surviving.I start health assessment in the fall. Clinicals will be 80hrs H&P.I love Maryville. Its a new program so of course its glitches on our discussion board. Its expected. Overall besides my health promotion professor everyone has been great and helpful.

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    Original Content:Lets us know what you find out!
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    Now I am having a horrible time getting a hold of anyone for information regarding applying. I have sent numerous emails and I have called several times. This is starting to look like a red flag to me...
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    Quote from dezzray22
    Now I am having a horrible time getting a hold of anyone for information regarding applying. I have sent numerous emails and I have called several times. This is starting to look like a red flag to me...
    Are you sure you have the right number to call? On my fist call I got a rapid response from an admission advisor and spent about half an hour on the phone with her. Then she sent me an e mail will all the info she had just given me on the fone and did a follow up call 4 days later. So far so good.
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    I did finally talk to an advisor. She has been very helpful and I am in the process of applying. Now my only worry is getting a job after I graduate. I worry that a future employer may find an online Master's education unappealing as opposed to someone who received their Master's in a traditional classroom setting.
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    For the adv health assessment class, there is a practicum required with a preceptor (NP or MD/DO). Since the class is online, the instructor has to pass/fail you based on your assessment skills via a recording. I start this class soon and I believe that is the final exam.

    Like you I was worried about health assessment. I had asked several times how the program will "check" us off on skills. I was told "through your preceptor", but I found out that it is via a recording like other online NP programs + practicums.

    You can PM me if you have any questions.
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    I worked with several NPs that received their schooling online. They work for the Cardiology Dept., Surgery, Peds in a hospital/clinics.

    You pass your board, certifications, and receive credentials then your resume/CV will have the same as any other applicant.
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