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  1. Hello All,
    I am new to the I was wondering if anyone can help me with this question.
    I was wonder if any of you out there are in the Maryville University NP program that is online? I specifically want to know how you feel about the classes being online and if you feel like you are learning the material to be a competent provider. I am leery about attending an online program because I have never done online classes. Also how are they assessing you on you Health Assessment class if it is online.

    I am currently also applying to a university that is not online but they only offer DNP and I am not really excited about going to school for four more years.

    Any information and opinions would be very helpful
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    Hi dezzray22, I can't speak personally but I live in the St. Louis area and I have several coworkers attending the FNP program at Maryville. They seem happy with it. I would think that the health assessment coursework would be online and there are also clinical hours with a preceptor. I've seen other Maryville students post so I'm sure someone could add to this.
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    Thank you so much. It just seems too good to be true so I am trying to find out if it is or not
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    Lets us know what you find out!
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    ]Hi. I attend Maryville. Im taking health promotion and advanced pathophysiology. Patho is a killer and the health promotion professor is a pain but im surviving.I start health assessment in the fall. Clinicals will be 80hrs H&P.I love Maryville. Its a new program so of course its glitches on our discussion board. Its expected. Overall besides my health promotion professor everyone has been great and helpful.

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    Original Content:Lets us know what you find out!
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    Now I am having a horrible time getting a hold of anyone for information regarding applying. I have sent numerous emails and I have called several times. This is starting to look like a red flag to me...
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    Quote from dezzray22
    Now I am having a horrible time getting a hold of anyone for information regarding applying. I have sent numerous emails and I have called several times. This is starting to look like a red flag to me...
    Are you sure you have the right number to call? On my fist call I got a rapid response from an admission advisor and spent about half an hour on the phone with her. Then she sent me an e mail will all the info she had just given me on the fone and did a follow up call 4 days later. So far so good.
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    I did finally talk to an advisor. She has been very helpful and I am in the process of applying. Now my only worry is getting a job after I graduate. I worry that a future employer may find an online Master's education unappealing as opposed to someone who received their Master's in a traditional classroom setting.
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    For the adv health assessment class, there is a practicum required with a preceptor (NP or MD/DO). Since the class is online, the instructor has to pass/fail you based on your assessment skills via a recording. I start this class soon and I believe that is the final exam.

    Like you I was worried about health assessment. I had asked several times how the program will "check" us off on skills. I was told "through your preceptor", but I found out that it is via a recording like other online NP programs + practicums.

    You can PM me if you have any questions.
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    I worked with several NPs that received their schooling online. They work for the Cardiology Dept., Surgery, Peds in a hospital/clinics.

    You pass your board, certifications, and receive credentials then your resume/CV will have the same as any other applicant.
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    I expect to start Maryville's distance program in March '14. I am well familiar with online didactics, completing my RN at Excelsior (4.0, finished the NCLEX in 45 minutes, minimum number of questions, first try--bored out of my mind). I did about half the MSN/NP program at a brick and mortar school, husband got sick, I dropped out. Not realizing how exhausted I was, I tried twice to start another MSN program and became too anxious, so I took a step back, did a BSN at UTA (distance "academic partners" 4.0, Sigma Theta Tau). If there are enough exercises, discussions and other structure, didactice is didactic, whether you are in a brick and mortar school or a virtual one.

    One thing you have less of (although it is still there!) is the problem of instructors who are themselves short of what one would hope to see in a "good" instructor. Discussion groups are great, you can think through and research before making your point, unlike in class. I did actually have one academic coach (RN to BSN program) who chewed me out publicly for participating too much, said I should leave room for others, lol. Another didn't care for my attitude about the health care system as a whole, although it is a generally accepted position and we had just read a book by Brawley which made the very point I was making! When I had that coach the next class I asked for and was granted another coach--but they failed to remove her when they added the new one, so she kept doing her thing. Anxious about her ability to ruin my grade for that course, I was a little pushy about getting her off my case (in more than one way, lol), and was called unprofessional by the major professor. My hope is that a masters level program will not have that kind of silliness, but if it does, at least it won't be new!

    So this is a round about way of saying, I'm familiar with distance learning, so that won't be an issue for me. Spend entirely too much time online on the laptop, another hurdle I won't have. I love to do literature searches and write, and am very good at APA (thanks to the Purdue OWL).

    Any of you who are already in the Maryville program have any thoughts on what I should consider, investigate or ask about before I sign on the dotted line? I appreciate your time and promise to pay it forward....