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Just passed AANP!

  1. 0 I am sooo happy, I just passed AANP, this was the first time I took it, so I am excited............. I used both Hollier (APEA) and Fitsgerald CD's for review.............. Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!! I was scared to death, I have seen on here over time, so many that did not pass, I was petrified!!!! but I passed, SO YOU ALL CAN do it!!
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    I just took mine too in Memphis, TN. I passed to! Thanks to God! I just used Fitzgerald book Kindle E book edition because the review courses were so expensive! $45 versus $400. It was a hard test for sure. The hardest I have taken thus far.
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    Did you feel prepared well?
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    Yes I did feel prepared as I could possibly be. I think the University of Memphis prepares you during you education to take boards. All we did was in question format on the computer. I think where you go has to a lot with how well you are prepared to take boards as well as studying for it.
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    Congrats to all those who passed!
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    I am finished with my APEA and Fitsgerald review disks!!! yeah!!
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    Good luck!
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