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ParalyzeDragon has 5 years experience and specializes in SICU,L and D.


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  1. ParalyzeDragon

    Just passed AANP!

    Good luck!
  2. ParalyzeDragon

    Just passed AANP!

    Yes I did feel prepared as I could possibly be. I think the University of Memphis prepares you during you education to take boards. All we did was in question format on the computer. I think where you go has to a lot with how well you are prepared to take boards as well as studying for it.
  3. ParalyzeDragon

    Just passed AANP!

    I just took mine too in Memphis, TN. I passed to! Thanks to God! I just used Fitzgerald book Kindle E book edition because the review courses were so expensive! $45 versus $400. It was a hard test for sure. The hardest I have taken thus far.
  4. ParalyzeDragon

    FNP Boards

    Just passed Boards AANP FNP exam today! Hardest thing I have taken to date!
  5. ParalyzeDragon

    Union University CRNA Interview

    Hey I called the school and was told they are closed Monday so maybe Tuesday people might be notified.
  6. ParalyzeDragon

    advice for getting into a CRNA program with a 2.86 GPA

    Take some graduate classes, you could retake some of the science classes at a community college as they are cheaper and easier.
  7. ParalyzeDragon

    Union University CRNA Interview

    I am glad everyone feels their interview went well!
  8. ParalyzeDragon

    Union University CRNA Interview

    are there any latinos applying to the program
  9. ParalyzeDragon

    Union University CRNA Interview

    I think they already know who they are going to admit as all students are ranked via some formula I am not familiar with. I think they were conducting 70 or so interviews this week. That is alot of competition. I just wanted to give more an idea of what specific questions were going to be asked because I did not know and couldnt find much on this except that it was a meet and greet. The odds of getting in are more than of getting in I did calculations and there is an approximate 19% chance of being admitted.
  10. ParalyzeDragon

    Union University CRNA Interview

    Well I guess most of us had our interviews. The questions were all personal i.e. experience as an RN, charge RN experience, ccrn and other certifications, other degrees if any, how you incorporate faith into your job daily, understanding of time commitment for studying for CRNA school, strengths and weaknesses, where are you from, types of pt you take care of, vents, drips. This is a small summary of what was discussed in my interview. People were so incredibly nice. There were only two professors in the room interviewing. In the waiting area there were two students answering questions and handing out water. At the end the professors asked if I had any questions for them.
  11. ParalyzeDragon


    I am currently finishing up y MSN FNP this next year and I am currently working in ICU and have decided I would like to go to CRNA school. I have looked at the average times for completing the CRNA program and was wondering if anyone knows if there are schools that have a post masters certificate and where the shortest length of time program is at if you already have a MSN?
  12. ParalyzeDragon

    NP Clinicals

    I am about to start FNP Clinicals OB and Adult. I am wondering what to expect. I am nervous about the classes. Do you think taking both will be to much work?:(
  13. ParalyzeDragon

    Is it difficult to get into an NP program ?

    What are competitive GRE scores? I have a dilema...I went to a university that offered a fast track option and then they awarded us BSN after a year and a half. After this they let us enroll in the FNP program with out the GRE. They based entrance upon GPA and passing the NCLEX.Now I want to leave my city and transfer (I live in Memphis). I have been here too long....I have been taking classes in the FNP track very slowly (2 classes this year!) because I am trying to get good grad school grades so I can transfer 4 classes. The point is what are competitive GRE score for getting out of here? Is it hard to get into any old FNP program or should I just stay here finish and be happy I am even enrolled in any program? I would really like to go to the univeristy of Miami. Has anyone done the transferring thing with undergrad gpa of 3.0 and to mediocre and easy classes with gpa 4.0?MY udergrad gpa sucks I know this...but I wonder over all what they look at if u want to transfer out of your MSN program.
  14. ParalyzeDragon

    Seeking advice on rotating shifts

    I was hired on as a rotater. At the hospital I work for in Memphis rotating is a common practice apparently.One nurse manager told me it is easier to get someone to rotate than to work straight nights. I hate the rotating. All lot of people told me to go straight nights. I am going for straight nights as suggested.My body is so out of wack! TAke all nights!!!Be nice to yourself.
  15. ParalyzeDragon

    Which school for BSN to get CRNA?

    What is considered an accelerated BSN? I am in a 16 month program, but my nursing GPA is a 3.3 going at this pace. Will this skrew up any chances I have for entry into a CRNA program? I took the GRE already and have 700 Analytical but 450 Quantitative and 4.5 Writing portion. Will working a year working Trauma ICU be good to enhace my options?