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Hi everyone! I started school to get a BSN at age 26, I was just wondering what a "realistic" age is to go back to school if I did in fact decide to pursue becoming a NP. How old were you when you started?... Read More

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    Quote from jaznia15
    Started my MSN last May at age 22....will graduate this upcoming May (2014) at age 24. My birthday is in July....hopefully will pass boards prior to that so I can say I was an FNP at age 24. LOL it was the same with my BSN program, graduated in May at age 21, passed boards in June.
    Almost identical for me!

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    Got my associates at 43, my BSN at 46, and my MSN (FNP) at 48. All after a lovely 25 career military career.
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    I was 23 when I started graduated when I was 25 with MSN. Do it ASAP...the longer you wait the harder it will become. Good luck!
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    Wish i had done it years ago but oh well...

    ADN at 20, BSN at 31, MSN/FNP at 33 (had my first baby in the middle of program at 32). Just graduated and passed my boards.
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    Finished my Bachelors of Psych at age 22.
    Finished my LPN program at age 24.
    Finished my AAS in nursing at age 25.

    I knew I was going to go for my NP as soon as I graduated with my AAS. I figured I'd go back either quite soon (age 27 ish). As the years passed, I decided I'd go back when I was 35 or so. Life happens. I worked as a RN for 4 years before I hurt my back, was eventually let go from my job due to injury and went back to school for my NP at age 30. I'll be finished this spring - age 33.
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    I decided on nursing as a second career. I went back after having a masters in another field. Never too late to go back. I started with as associates and now in a DNP program!

    ASN- 2007 @ 29
    BSN- 2008 @ 30
    MSN-2013 @ 35
    DNP- 2015 @ 37 (Keeping my fingers crossed)
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    Graduated BSN at 21.

    Started NP program at age 23 and just graduated May 2013 with my MSN/DNP-FNP at 26.
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    I do not know your situation (family, finances, etc) but I recommend going back as soon as possible. The only thing I regret is not going back sooner (BSN-21, MSN/DNP-FNP- 26). You can always work and get experience as you go to school. If you are able to go back to school now then do it. Time is going to go by no matter what you do.
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    Started at 51, finishing -- who knows. 55 if everything falls right.
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