George Washington University AGPCNP - FALL 2014

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    Hi, has anyone applied/been accepted to the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program starting Fall 2014?

    If so - have you heard anything yet? Anyone know what kind of "stats" GWU looks for re: years of and type of experience, GPA, etc?

    And better yet, is anyone enrolled in this program? Any/all insider comments welcomed! Seems like a great program...?
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    I just finished my application for this program. I know they extended the deadline to March 31st. However I don't know how long it will take to hear back. It seems they are quick with responding from reading other threads on GW NP programs. I really hope I get in because this is my number 1 choice!
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    RN2FNP2B weren't you going to be going to Frontier? I was reading some other threads.
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    I have applied to GWU for the AG-PCNP 2014 Fall. I wonder if it's a good sign that they extended the date to March 31st?
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    I applied to GWU too! Haven't heard from them.
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    I was sad I missed the GWU deadline....I accepted and sent $ for an alternate program (the program is good, but GWU was my first choice). And now I hear they extended the deadline.. I just cant win. :/ Was the deadline extended for FNP as well?
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    Not for FNP program, only ANP program to end March. Not sure if you can apply for ANP and switch later to FNP.
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    I have officially been accepted!
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    I also got my acceptance email yesterday...I submitted my application on 3/31 and got a reply on 4/18.
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    I applied March 15 and received an acceptance letter April 11! My GPA is about a 3.4-3.5 and I've been a nurse for 12 years. I took graduate Pharm and Patho (as a coursework-only student ... they call it CWO) at UMD Baltimore to get a jumpstart on the program and to lighten the full-time load. This was recommended to me by a GWU APRN student who was doing clinical hours at the hospital where I work. I'm glad I took her advice because it probably helped me get in (since there's nothing spectacular about my GPA or application!) I think a lot of nurses look to this site for advice and to gauge how competitive programs are so I wanted to share my stats and "strategy." I will add that the application was lengthy - not hard, just long and time consuming so you would want to start it a good month or two before the deadline. Good luck to all

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