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Hi all, I am thinking about applying to Frontier for the FNP Program. While I have read and heard great things about the midwifery program, I haven't heard much about the FNP Program. I would... Read More

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    Quote from Equusz
    The pelvic exams are only for the midwifery program, not the FNP. And yes, they can opt out.

    I talked to them on the phone and they were very responsive. While they won't say that they accept everyone who meets the minimums, I got the impression that most get accepted, just maybe to a later class. The one thing she told me was that the ADN-FNP bridge is getting really competitive and they only do 4 enrollments a year as opposed to 8 enrollments for the BSN-FNP, so they are going strictly by the one-year experience requirement, which I don't meet. She told me that I should use that year to finish my BSN (which I can through Excelsior), and then apply to the BSN-FNP with almost sure acceptance. Sounds like you meet the experience requirement so I bet you'd get in, but it might be later in the year than you want.

    You should call them and talk to them, they're very easy to get ahold of.

    The pelvic exams are for EVERYONE (CNM, FNP, and WHNP) and you can opt out of getting one but everyone must do an exam on someone (another students).
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    Hello, I am an FNP Frontier grad--class 41. I was the class representative. The school is amazing--it is very rigorous, and has some of the best educators in the nation. I live in an area that is pretty well saturated with NP programs, and have compared programs with many fellow NP graduates of these local programs. The results were that Frontier--in all areas--far surpassed the education quality in the local programs.

    I graduated Frontier with a 4.0 average, and 10 years prior, my BSN with a 3.75. I have found that most students at Frontier are self motivated overachievers lol--it attracts the best of the best!

    Also regarding the pelvic exams--it is truly not a big deal. You have to do a COMPLETE physical exam on your partner student and vice versa--this is just part of it. You will first do it on the dummies--with clinical checkoff by instructor. Very rarely does anyone ever choose not to have one done (if you dont let your partner do on you--you cannot do one on your partner). This is the story--when you are doing your first PAP (for REAL) in clinical--don't you want to be able to tell the patient--"Yes I have done this before--you are not my first pelvic."
    Congratulations to those accepted. I would be glad to answer any further questions about Frontier!

    Jenn RN,MSN, FNP-BC
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    Quote from jazziFNP
    This is the story--when you are doing your first PAP (for REAL) in clinical--don't you want to be able to tell the patient--"Yes I have done this before--you are not my first pelvic."

    Jenn RN,MSN, FNP-BC
    My school hired people who get paid to have NP, PA and med students perform the gyn/testicular exams on them. I thought it was great because the live models themselves were very helpful and could point out exactly where you should be feeling things (ovaries aren't the easiest things to find - even though we have the basic idea of where they should be). I would be surprised if most (if not all) NP programs didn't have their students go through something like this.
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    Hi Frontierer's,
    My name is Jaime and I have recently applied to the FNP program for August this year. I have read your posts and I now know I am not crazy The wait is killing me slowly. I do not like to wait for results of any kind. Your posts have encouraged me, I thank you for that. I have always wanted to be a nurse and now that I have been for 5 years I want more... Frontier is the place I want to venture into that next journey. I still do not like to wait
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    hello I am thinking about applying for school can you tell me about the CFNP program was it very diffiuclt? I work FT and have a fmaily. I am planning on going part time to school.
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    Hello Nurmom,
    I am a mother of 4 - I am married with a very supportive husband and family. Frontier is more economically suited price wise, their curriculum is out of this world. There is a nurse that works at the hospital that attends Frontier and she works PT but attends school FT. I have heard nothing but great things about their program. I suggest looking at their web site I like the personal feeling when I call or email the registrar. Yes, I have kept in close contact- I graduate with my BSN in June 10 - Frontier has a bridge program that if you are a diploma nurse then you can enter a bridge program - If I would have know I would have saved over $10,000 this past year.
    Hope this helps
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    jazziFNP- Since you are a graduate, was wondering if you could give some pointers on making my application stick out to them. My high school GPA was 3.6, but unfortunately when i started college I had a daughter with gastroschisis and my grades went downhill. I then had 2 more daughters while obtaining my Bachelor's and was a new mom trying to juggle school and a family. My GPA ended up being 2.97 unfortunately Now that my girls are older I want to pursue my dream of being a Women's Health NP!! I am taking the GRE's June 10 and was thinking about submitting a 17 page research paper I did as an undergrad to show my research and writing abilities. Do you think my GPA will hinder my chances at acceptance? I am very motivated and know I can succeed if they just give me a chance!!!! Thanks for any advice!
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    I am running into the same problem as you are. Where are you applying to? I will tell you it doesn't matter wha tyou say,send or do. They have specific guidelines they follow and will not budge.I am taking the Mat test for the second time in a couple of wks. the first time I got a 40 and I needed a 45 it is so hard and a pin in the you now what. The test covers everything I really feel like I am going on the game show Jeopardy. LOL Anyways the otehr option most chools giv eit taking 9 credits of grad. courses but most won't let you take it at their school and you can not use your stafford laons because your not excepted as a student in their program. It is a huge hassel. WB and let me know what other options you have found.
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    I am just going to try to get a really good score on the GRE's, and maybe submit an undergraduate paper to show my writing abilities. My new motto is, if at first you don't succeed try try again! I am very passionate about obtaining this degree and will apply and revise my application as many times as possible until they finally see how devoted I am (think that will work? lol)

    MSPRN01- I see you have NICU experience, as do I. Since the NICU is so specialized, did you have to do much convincing that you are qualified to work with adults? Wondering if working with babies will be a hindrance in my application at all. Thanks for any advice!
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    I am in the process of researching FNP programs that would work for me, and juggling between my list of desirables, and factoring in my limitations.
    I am currently in a BSN program that will hopefully wrap up next wish list includes:
    1. Decent pr credit hour cost (~300-400)..i could venture a bit higher if i got 2,3 and 4
    2.School sets up preceptors in my local area ( i know i know..but hey, this is a wish list!!)
    3.No GRE requirement
    4.All didactic portion completely online and minimal on campus reqs

    I am in OH, about a 3 hour drive from frontier, and am hearing great things about this school: my question is can any frontier student or grad please give a ball park figure of how much it cost ? both for the MSN or the ADN-MSN options..ADN would include the brigde option obviously..I am early in a BSN program and am still weighing the cost options..i have no debt right now and want to do whatever to keep it that way ..

    Also how much help do they give in setting up clinicals? I currently work in a step down unit ( nearly one year after graduation) and deal with a lot of acute cases, but we have a policy of NOT allowing to be percepted where we work... dont ask me why..

    I hope someone responds..I really need to know!!

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