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  1. t2krookie


    You could workin the courts I would think. Consulting in hospital also could b an option.at least your DC plan would b better than most:-)
  2. t2krookie

    DEA license

    Instead of creating yet another thread I thought I'd ask: How long did it take for you to receive your DEA after applying? The main question here has me imagining that mine took longer due to my extensive ADHD medication history. I agree my fellow practitioners are on more drugs than the general population but perhaps that's just because we are more plugged in :)
  3. t2krookie

    Lifestyle/ what to expect

    LOL!! You still have that unique perspective :) Well sir, you may not remember me but I leaned on your advice these past two years and graduated last month. I'd appreciate your advice again seeing as you have traveled in many ways as I have and pray where I intend to go. PM sent.
  4. t2krookie

    New NP regulations for MD, PA, NJ

    One wonders if the same specialty expectations are being placed on other practitioners? Generalist beginings or no.
  5. t2krookie

    Anyone know about PMHNP to Psy.d/Ph.d?

    Yeah, back in the day when California would allow such a challenge. Unfortunately they no longer extend that bridge if my information is correct. I didn't have enough time in MOS to challenge and by the time I did, I had already moved to Texas. 1972? Jeez you wanna hear what age I was then? You sure look younger in yur photo:)
  6. t2krookie

    Psych NP - peds

    There are usually two different types of Psych APN programs. Those Adult Psych programs concern 16+y/o (varies by state) and those who see all ages (Family Psych). I don't remember ever seeing a child psych NP program and I reviewed a heck of allot of them before making my choice. You do not need to go FNP first and then psych. FNP is general practice medicine (we call it advanced nursing). Psych programs are completely psych focused though there are many medical (oops I said it again) comorbidities that influence the psychiatric evaluation and treatment modalities that we need to be aware of and treat. FNPs often deal with minor psych issues but are not trained to handle refractory or complicated psych cases, just as Psych NPs are not trained to handle much of the general medical issues. Both can often do refills and a general screening, but I wouldn't go to my dentist for an ear infection just because he can prescribe antibiotics
  7. t2krookie

    NP but decided not to practice

    Ahh, so basically you yourself have no formal training and are comparing the hearsay of your MD parental figures and your spouses evaluation of her NP education? Please spend more time on things you actualy know about and less time spreading your opinions on things you know not of from first hand experience. Why the heck are you commenting here for anyways? I don't get it.
  8. t2krookie

    Struggling NP student

    Sounds like you have some confidence issues there. I might sugest talking to friends who have been in your shoes and are now working the job instead of styressing over perfection. Preferably over a glass of wine or a good single malt :) Learn to laugh at yourself. It is almost over. Another point is, your clinical practice area may be a big part of the problem as well. Think about it, and identify the true source of the anxiety. It usually can b found.
  9. t2krookie

    Nurse Practitioner with an MSN

    I will seek to clarify this further and say that this is ONLY one "sugestion" from ONE of two national nursing program certifying bodies (I believe more are popping up) and in no way is law or even foreseable future rules. Futhermore, this is the same organization that has stated that BSN should be the mandatory entry point for RNs and that "sugestion" has a thirty year old history. Heck there are still certificate RN programs around though they are diminished IMO due to compitition from community college programs more than due to a strive for advanced degrees. A big issue to be resolved is that of the current DNP programs in existance, most have a curriculum that is definately not focussed on patient care but rather a not so subtle drive to increase available Nursing doctorates for management, leadership, and faculty roles. Having reviewed over 50 of these programs, that was my overiding impression. Most had only one or two courses in the entire program that had anything to do with clinical care. I for one am not willing to fork out a small fortune as well as invest even more of my time for schooling that doesn't address my needs as a practitioner. K, done B & M ing
  10. t2krookie

    UTHSC Houston Vs TWU for FNP track,fall 2011

    My best friend is a TWU FNP student and attended the Dallas campus and after speaking with him and meeting some of his fellow students, I am so glad I did not apply there. they might be local but they are amassing a poor reputation among the student body with hostile and unreasonable instructors. Most of the students I spoke with were desperate to change to the Denton campus. I will qualify this with the fact that this IS hearsay as I have no direct experience, but I do trust the word of my friend and that word is not good for the faculty of the Dallas extention campus. Plus what guy wants TWU on his degree anyways huh? :)P JK
  11. t2krookie

    Shadowing a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    She could go the route of local public OP clinic. The clientele zenman is describing I find more often in the private practices. In the public mental health clinic, the clients are often simply happy to have someone to talk to about refills or side effects and most often they end up seeing a different practitioner every two visits anyways so while desirable, the therapeutic relationship is not really a reality among this socioeconomic group. Another good part of this approach is that you see a high volume of patients and a nice case mix. Best educational opportunity available in my opinion. However, be prepared. Psych work takes an incredible amount of patience and a damn good control of ones temper at times. It may or may not b your cup o tea.
  12. t2krookie

    Which is better for Psych NP: Yale GEPN or Columbia ETP?

    Umm at Case we do 3 of general pharm and 2 or psychpharm but the general psych meds are included in the general pharm.
  13. t2krookie

    Antipsychotics and Pregnancy

    Hypothyroid,a new cutter @ 15, and preggers with alleged psychosis decompensation? Was she psychotic before? Long past time to pass that buck. The trifecta in hallucinations is very questionable. Sounds like a bigtime axis 2 but ya got a big mess there it seems.
  14. t2krookie


    Case Western. Very nice program but very expensive. I would highly recommend getting your masters first and waiting for the dnp programs to become more clinically relevent. Currently most DNP corricullums has little clinical aplication and a whole lot of quasi educational and leadership/management. Not worth it in my opinion unless thats the route you wish to take.
  15. t2krookie

    The latest good news for all of us

    Thanks and I do appreciate your view on engaging the repeated offenders. The only reason I do so is that I fear that many nurses may become discouraged if they start believing the c#@p some are peddling. For some it makes it difficult to distinguish conversation from bs when the poster mixes in some truth along with the aforementioned cr&@ola. I also am a bit disappointed that more nurses are not researching and refuting these types of responses but perhaps many just don't have the time or are just plain tired of responding to it. In my view that is worse. When we give up on responding, we in essence give up on advocating, and validate the bs. I know It can become old though. I guess I'm just stubborn. Back to the books.
  16. t2krookie

    The latest good news for all of us

    I got the Email that said you had actually posted to this thrad so I decided that was worth an early reply. I agree that the same issues keep being rehashed but I hope you can see that it was a self identified non-nurse that brought those tired arguments to the thread. I will vigerously defend myself and my views against their attacks but it would be nice if APNs and APN students could actualy have a thread celebrating our sucess and acomplishments without seeing the same two or three individuals trolling around and pouncing anytime we say something positive about APN outcomes or studies. I dont troll medical discussions and engage in that kind of behavior and it would be nice if Allnurse admins would recognize trolling behavior for what it is and do something about it. It has got to the point that we are unable to say anything positive on our own "nurses" forum without having the thread hijacked by the same people and the discussion runs it's typical course. Please do something. It tires a person to the point they are not interested in advocating for the profession when we recieve little support. Sounds a bit like the real world of nursing:twocents:

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