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I got wait listed for class 116. Any experiences with being on a wait list would be helpful. Should I just give up?... Read More

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    They, unfortunately, are still not accepting NC applicants currently. I wanted to apply for sometime next year.
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    You should be next in line...I know a lot of people will accept just to buy themselves a little extra time to make the decision...If I am already in, you should be soon. Anxiously waiting your good news!
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    Skiernurse, Thanks! I will send all the vibes of good luck I can muster!!!
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    Ryan, I heard back from Frontier today.....while you were 4th and accepted, and I was 5th, I am now somehow second on the list. I'm not sure how that works as my math makes me first. Still trying to think positive thoughts! ugh... still keeping fingers crossed!
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    Bennett, Any word yet? I keep checking this blog hoping to hear some good news...I have no idea how they do their math, that is just crappy all around. Keep thinking positive thoughts and don't give up.
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    Ryan, Sorry I didn't respond has been a busy couple of weeks. Two weeks ago almost, I got an acceptance email, and then within minutes, an email explaining that Frontier could no longer accept students from Maryland. I was devastated. I hope to start a MSN program while they get it all sorted out. That way I don't lose my momentum It was listed on the admissions web site, but I didn't even look there after I applied. Needless to say it was disappointing! Good look at FB. Wish I would be joining you!
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    Can you give me any tips on the essay portion?