Anyone attending Kaplan or Walden University?

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    I am currently looking into and applying to several FNP programs. I am wondering if anyone has attended or is attending either Kaplan or Walden? If so, what has your experience been like so far. Thanks!

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    I have been accepted into Walden, but am currently still applying to others as well.
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    I am strongly considering Walden for my FNP. The big thing to remember though, is that you are completely responsible for finding your own preceptors. And I can tell you by doing my MSN there that they are not particularly helpful in assisting in this portion of your endeavor.
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    It is rare for any of the programs to find the preceptor for the student.
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    I heard that Walden is not approved by the board of nursing - which means you can not sit for licensure in any most states.
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    You heard wrong
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    What do you mean "You heard wrong". About what? Sitting for licensure?
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    i just got accepted into walden to start the FNP program sept 4th thay are great so far.Anyone starting soon?
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    Fellow Walden student too, starting in September. Welcome!
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    I am also starting Walden University in September for FNP!

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