Anybody run into problems with preceptors because they are from an online program?

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    I am a NP student at Indiana Statte University. I recently started my clinicals for Health Assessment in CT. It took me forever to find someone who would take me but eventually I found a pediatrician's office and applied for the MinuteClinic NP student program. The pediatrician was awesome. He took his time to teach me things (as preceptors should do) and made sure I had enough time to do my own assessment and learn what I needed to. The preceptor at MinuteClinic was not as good, in my opinion. We didn't get a long very well and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that she disapproved of me being from an online program. In fact, she stated on a couple of occasions that she had her "doubts about doing a program like FNP online" and "how credible is this school?" It was irritating, unprofessional, and belittling (among other things). I found myself constatntly having to prove myself and defend myself. We both wind up giving each other less than stellar reviews, but lucky for me my track record speaks for itself and I had documentation of her behavior and lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, I think I may have gotten her into some serious trouble with her boss (which I honestly did not mean to do). I was wondering if anyone else has come across an issue like this when coming from an online program?

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    My facility has stopped accepting students from online programs. I had a student last semester that had transferred from an online program to a local university because of this.

    Many private offices will still take online students. Most of the major academic centers and affiliates have stopped, at least around here.
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    Do you know why? is it bc they found online students to be less informed? thats weird. ..there are some really good online fnp programs (I.e Georgetown). My school is ranked in thw top 75 nationally so that's a bit disheartening to hear. Also, what facility is this, if you don't mind me asking?
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    I think it has less to do with the actual fact the programs are online and more about logistics in the sense the local brick-and-mortar programs a have agreements with the local academic medical centers that max out their eligible preceptors.

    It could also be a product of sheer numbers of NP programs now, as there are more students than preceptors. I have a good friend in a well respected local university program that has reported that her school is having a tough time finding placements for their current students (previous cohorts had 30-40 and now up to 60-70).
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    Quote from xtclass08
    Do you know why? is it bc they found online students to be less informed? thats weird. ..there are some really good online fnp programs (I.e Georgetown). My school is ranked in thw top 75 nationally so that's a bit disheartening to hear. Also, what facility is this, if you don't mind me asking?
    Georgetown, unlike most other on-line programs will help you find preceptors though.

    While I am not in an on-line program, my brick and mortar school is about a 2 hr drive for me and many clinics I have talked to so far appear hesitant to take on a student that is not at one of the bigger local NP programs. Frustrating
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    Yeah you're right Christine. A lot of the students thats go to ISU and are located in Indiana have no problems finding their preceptors. I also find that some states use NPs less than others and PAs are highly favored (CT happens to be in that categpry). Places like Florida (wheee I am originally from), NY and the DMV area preceptors are a lot easier to find.
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    I've had no problem finding preceptors. I have been a RN for quite some time and just through my working relationship with providers I have been able to find preceptors with no problem. I think this is an advantage to having a lot of working experience as a RN before applying to a NP program. All of the providers I work with know and trust my judgement so it was easy to convince them to precept me. Do you work in an area that you can rub elbows with providers you know?
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    My service will only precept students from the university with which our medical center is affiliated. Even students from other brick & mortar schools in the area aren't considered. There would certainly be no possibility of someone from an online program being accepted.

    I was not involved in that decision (it was in place before I was hired), and I don't know how TPTB arrived at that policy, but that's the policy.
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    Not really. I just recently moved to the CT area and work as a resource RN so I work everywhere and don't see the same physicians or providers consistently. Also, CT does not seem to have a whole lot of practicing FNPs. My school requires it be in a primary care setting since I am doing family practice. I have been a nurse for over 5 years now (mainly critical care) but like I said I recently moved up here from florida and don't really have rapport established with any providers.
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    Hello Indstate school mate. I am in the same program and I can't even begin to tell you about the troubleI have had. I a actually graduate in December. I've gotthisSummer class now and my last class in the Fall. Schoolinfor a week now and I still have yet to find aSummer preceptor. So rediculous. All the money I've paid and no respect from preceptors, some of the Instuctors leave muchto

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