AANP FNP Certification Exam ---urgent HELP needed pleaseeeee

  1. Hi Everyone:
    I really really need some advice regarding the AANP FNP exam.
    I graduated last May from my FNP program. I had planned to take the exam right away but family issues occurred (my MIL was diagnosed w terminal cancer). With my already hectic life , I wasn't able to dedicate as much time or study the way I normally do. I decided to take the AANP even though my program recommended the AANC, bc i thought i could hardly get through clinical material, much less theory etc.. but now im in total panic bc everyone on this site seems to think the AANP was harder?
    My problem is there are too many distractions, and I can't focus. I have been studying on and off which is worse because I notice I tend to forget the stuff I had studied before. Furthermore, since I've been out of school for 11 months I have forgotten some basic material ex labs and dx tests, a lot of the meds etc.
    I have listened to the Fitzgerald CDs once but very spaced out during the past few months.
    I just got the Leik book and some exams on exam edge.
    I also bought the Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam: Review Questions and Strategies book (which I keep scoring 50-62 on).

    I'm very worried bc I keep scoring so low on the questions in that book, in addition I score bw 440 - 590 on the AANP exams from exam edge (500 is passing).
    I've passed 3/10.
    I have to take this exam next Wednesday (in 5 days). Do I have a chance?

    With such limited time -is it best to focus on :
    1. review Fitzgerald?
    2. Do AANP questions from exam edge and read rationales
    3. Make sure I read the Leik book?

    I will not have time for all if it.
    And I have NO idea what the actual exam is more similar to? Fitzgerald material ? Exam edge ? Or the Leik book? This is what I really NEED to know. U can also email me at faridib@hotmail.com

    Please please HELP asap -if u have taken this exam, ESP if u recently 2013 took it? I can not Fail it w the other stuff that's going on w family.

    Thank you soooo much.
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  3. by   reeya
    Please look into APEA...its geared towards AANP. With limited time, I would recommend APEA course. Go to her website. There's live, cd or online review course.
  4. by   manhow
    I have taken aanp twice and failed both times with the apea review. I'm not a huge fan of apea. I am waiting to sit for ancc now. Good Luck! Sorry for all of your distractions! I can definitely relate!
  5. by   RainieRN
    I like the Maria Leik course. So far all the student who have taken the exam in my class have passed. I am studying from Fitzgerald and Leik materials. Good luck!
  6. by   ihealRN
    Hi Everyone..!!

    I I'm also looking for Fitzgerald's audio's to listen to if anyone knows where to purchase them from.

    Thank you
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  8. by   Nursep2013
    I just graduated from my NP program. Funny but I got a job offer without my certification. The money sucks but it home care and flexible. I am not certain as per what exam to take. ANCC or AANP. Does anyone have an words of wisdom for which is better. I am financially fried and really don't want to spend all this money on review courses....Any advice
  9. by   graduateFNP
    AANP is strictly all clinical questions and ANCC focuses more on theory and research and nursing profession. I know we covered those topics first year and it is def a weak area for me. There are rumors that the ANCC exam is changing in August to include multiple-multiple questions and pics. It depends on what is a strength for you. I know some people chose to take both exams, but that is very pricey. Mostly everyone in my class decided to take the AANP
  10. by   graduateFNP
    I hope that helps!
  11. by   AnnaN5
    I recently passed the AANP. A friend of mine passed the ANCC exam 2 weeks ago & she had pictures & multiple-multiples questions on the exam.
  12. by   verypatient
    Well don't be scared about the new changes. I took mine July 31 and had no pictures or none of that. So I don't really know...
  13. by   Barinbass
    I just finished in August and finally scheduled myself to take my test. I bought Fitzgerald's 3rd Edition which I found very helpful and was carrying it with me everywhere I went to go over the chapters I did poorly on on the Hesi Exit exam my school made us take. My school also required us buy a Review Course of our choice. I bought Fitgerald's CDs with workbook and listened to them through once while on a trip in the car and them did them with the workbook and online graphics. I am just finishing some of the other online material she has available. I bought the Leik book recently, but it is much bigger book than I had thought. It does have practice tests in them. I also have the huge book of nothing but questions by Hollier. I did poorly on the first test I took in that book but scored 74% on the AANP practice exam. I bought that exam because I wanted to see ow their tests looked, but the questions were those that had been removed from past tests so i wonder if the material was accurate. I think I will focus on the practice tests now and the Leik Book and then thumb through many Fitz workbook and read over my highlighted materials. I am registering to take both exams to have a back up in case I do not pass the AANP which I will take in two weeks. I am scared and do not do well on tests like this. My Hesi score was pitiful! Any help on where to go from here to make sure I pass the first time would be appreciated!! BY the way Fitgerald said to know how to read an EKG and mentioned to know ow to read a genpgram and she did mention pictures. I will be taking the Adult-Gero exam which is new, so it may have pictures I hope not though. AANP gives the nornal labs on the test and ANCC does not!
    I suggest listening to Fitzgerald's CDs in all spare time such as when driving in the car etc. Do it with the workbook as it is like a thorough class, and I feel that whatever she stresses is very important to know. It seems that about 66% or so is required to pass. Anyone know what what we should be scoring on these practice tests to pass the certification exams? Congrats to all those who passed!!
  14. by   Barinbass
    Which test did you take? AANP or ANCC and which track?