south dakota?

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    hi i was just wondering if anyone here is from south dakota? i have the option of moving there, but I am not sure if there is much work there or if I will be able to find work etc. any one have any input?
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    Moved to South Dakota Nursing for more response.
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    where is "south dakota nursing"?
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    Click on US in the yellow tool bar at the top of any page and the state forums will be visible.
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    The major hospitals in SD are in Rapid City and 2 in Sioux Falls. There are smaller hospitals in most of the major towns. I work in Rapid and am a nursing student there as well. There are lots of nursing jobs at Rapid City Regional Hospital with pay starting at $24 an hour. The job market is a little underpaid but there are plenty if jobs to be had. Hope that helps a little!
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    24$ hr? wow thats more then im paid here in california
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    And no state income tax, and much lower cost of living than Cali.