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    Hello Everybody,

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some updated information on Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC. I have searched the nursing forums and saw some pretty "interesting" thoughts posted about the hospital, but they date back to 2004-2006. Surely within the past 4 years they still can't be that bad(can they)? Anyways can someone please give me some updated information on working for this hospital(e.g. nurse-to-patient ratio, work schedule, how were you treated as a nurse, etc)? I will be relocating there in August and would appreciate all the information I can get. Thanx.


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    I have not worked there since the 1990's, so it is possible that things have improved, but I doubt it. I spoke to a former co-worker a few years ago, and the information she shared led me to believe that nothing had changed.

    Charlotte is not far away. I suggest you consider the short commute.

    Good luck on your move. It is a lovey area.
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    I ran across this question and answer and would like to respond.

    PMC is not a bad place to work and the community is wonderful.

    Unfortunately for PMC, the history of the hospital is tainted because of community-based disfavor with previous owners. It doesn't help that Tenet, the parent company, did everything but commit Medicare/Medicaid fraud and has to pay back about 75 million dollars. (this info is public record and public knowledge). Both of those mean that patients and family members enter the hospital with a "bad taste in their mouths"; it creates quite a challenge for the nurse.

    Staffing ratios are no worse than in other area hospitals.

    Educational opportunites are wonderful. The Education Department has a jewel in its crown; that jewel is Benny Marret. He, alone, is worth your giving it a try at PMC!

    The cons of working at PMC are few, yet substantial:
    Official and unofficial leadership is a closed society and that may be a drawback to those who wish to be part of leadership, even being in charge for the shift.

    Shared Governance has never gotten off the ground; and, older nurses who are not longterm PMC employees receive little respect or opportunities.

    Regardless of the cons, I think PMC is worth giving a try. If you aren't satisfied, Charlotte is only a few miles away.
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    One caveat, if you have ANY doubts don't take a sign on if they offer it. You might get locked into a year or two year commitment in a place you don't wish to be.
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    I worked there straight out of school. I had clinicals there as well as preceptorship. I liked it quite a bit, I was on a med/surg floor and the nurse/pt ratio was ok. I didn't want to make the ride to Charlotte three times or more a week.

    Of course they've gone through changes to make things better over the last few years. Tenet has had a bad rap, but PMC, I think, is trying to overcome these things.

    I didn't have any problems growing into a leadership role. They have tons of education and classes. By my second year there I was precepting new employees and students. I was part of the Shared Governance but it was meeting at a turtles pace because the CNO was moving.

    Unfortunately, we had to move to another area in SC and I must say that the facility where I work now is way behind where PMC is on their JCAHO standards even though the facility is much larger where I am employed now. I did have a pretty good raise in pay when I moved, but PMC's base rate has probably changed by now.

    Good luck to you! PMC is a great place to work in my opinion. I felt like I belonged and made a real difference to my pts. Hey, you could even have my old job...it's on the jobs listing online!
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    So, what is the status of this facility now? Good place to work or is it a drive by unless you just hate the drive to Charlotte? Interested parties are waiting for an answer.
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    Quote from barefootlady
    So, what is the status of this facility now? Good place to work or is it a drive by unless you just hate the drive to Charlotte? Interested parties are waiting for an answer.
    Even if you HATE the drive to Charlotte, DRIVE BY Piedmont Medical Center. Piedmont Medical Center is the worst hospital in the area & perhaps the worst hospital in the state. Even though I hate the long drive to work at a hospital in Charlotte, I know I made the right decision. A few of my neighbors work at Piedmont and they are constantly hounding me about any openings at my hospital because they hate working for Piedmont so much.
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    OK...What is so bad about this hospital? Is it the attitudes of the other nurses? Is it the nurse to patient ratio? Is it the fact that Tenet has such a bad reputation? I have an interview there and have considered relocating, and I need to know some information. Please be more specific...No teamwork, lack of support from management, low salaries, no chance for advancement, no lunch breaks, short staffing, overloaded with patients...OK, I guess I was venting a little about my current place of employment. Every place has it's negative side, especially in today's world of medicine... Thank you.
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    Looking at a job here.
    Anyone have any recent experiences to report?
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    I have an interview there on Monday!

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