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Hello Everybody, I was wondering if anyone could give me some updated information on Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC. I have searched the nursing forums and saw some pretty "interesting" thoughts posted about the... Read More

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    Quote from nanabanana
    I ran across this question and answer and would like to respond.

    PMC is not a bad place to work and the community is wonderful.

    Educational opportunites are wonderful. The Education Department has a jewel in its crown; that jewel is Benny Marret. He, alone, is worth your giving it a try at PMC!

    I got the job and started on 10 Oct. It's very early in my PMC journey but I am having a fantastic experience thus far. Benny Marret MADE that first week of orientation. I am in the New Grad residency program and am supposedly going to be seeing a good bit of him during the next six months. I sure hope so! I think you may be right about the "jewel in the crown" part.
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